Why Choose Rehabilitation Hospital | Spalding Rehab Denver

– In my career, I do rehabilitation
in different settings. And in the acute rehabilitation setting, there’s a more intense focus on just about everything
that our patients need, including medical care. They’re seen by a physician every day, as opposed to anywhere from
one to three times a week in a skilled nursing facility. There are specialists that are available in the facility to see patients. For instance, people who are on dialysis. In an acute rehabilitation unit, you will frequently have
the kidney specialist come to see the patient
on almost a daily basis. Other consultants are also available and frequently come to see
the patients at the facility. Such as, your cardiologist, or your surgeon who has
already done surgery for you, or any other host of specialists. Plus, you’re getting a more
intense therapy experience with physical therapy,
occupational therapy, speech and language pathology. Typically, there are psychology and neuropsychology services available, along with case managers, social workers, and respiratory therapists
that may or may not be available in a skilled
nursing facility setting.

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