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Unlike most young adults [diamond] has no social media accounts. No Facebook. No Instagram. No Twitter. Here’s why I? Have it I get ridiculed every day people question my gender no matter what I do it just keeps coming back I First noticed the facial hair growing in when I was [fifteen] I would shave once a week there were times that people didn’t notice and he’s me about it But I really didn’t pay too much attention to it about three years ago. It started to get really bad I had to start shaving every day. I’ve tried hair removal cream Waxing but every day. It comes back. It takes me about three hours to get ready I shaved my beard I plucked my side work and Start to do my makeup trying to get the [perfect] coverage no matter what I do to hide it People still notice when I go into stores, I do see the stairs the looks comments, I [moved] from job to job job to get away from the bullies [have] [I] been to a doctor because I’m embarrassed I fear what the results might [be] if I never would have shaved my face Maybe it wouldn’t have grown as bad as it. Did. What mistake did I make? When I go out, and I do my makeup, and I’m feeling confident I feel like I can do anything in the world But the Roomie is a freak and I just want to stay home. I feel like best of care is stopping me from being the person that are truly a He’s welcomed I’m into the show [diamond] watching you in that tape piece it broke my [heart] because I see a beautiful woman sitting here before me sharing your story because It’s so much more common than you would ever in a million years realized, and I it’s just I feel for you You’ve been suffering all alone with this what’s been the hardest part for you the hardest part for me is the distance I put myself bits of life with my family They always want to spend time with me, and I’m always like no, I don’t want to spend time I don’t want to go out anywhere. [I] just [it] hurts The amount of self-Pity I put myself through every single day That’s where [hurts] well one of the reasons that Diamond came here is because obviously Diamond doesn’t want to wonder anymore. What’s going on. There was obviously a lot more to be done. We connect to diamond with Dr. Nita for full console in hopes to reach a diagnosis I’m going to the doctor for the first time they get checked out for my condition. I’m feeling really nervous And after nita. It’s nice to meet you nice to meet you [alright]. So what’s going on? I’m having a few [issues] going you know excessive facial hair How often do you shave or Wax? [I] do it every day would you say that this hair growth has caused you to [have] depression at any time or Yes, have you ever thought about harming yourself? [I] have thought about it. I Think about the things that people said every single day It’s just it plays in my mind, and I just can’t get rid of it. Where’s hurt right? They do hurt [although]. We’re here to address the hair growth we also need to address the emotional Aspect of this because at the end of the day I want you to feel good when you look in the mirror say with me so that I will be one more time I am you to say it with conviction. [I] am beautiful. [I] want to do a physical exam Will also do an ultrasound to look at your ovaries and additionally? We need to get some blood work on you, okay? Once we get all of those results back, then I’ll be able to give you a definitive diagnosis And then we’re gonna make diamond feel good about [itself], okay inside Diamond I know the two of you can act a diamond did it feel? Did it feel good to? Finally talk to a doctor about everything you’ve been going through and to get that exam and get some testing done It did it felt great. I felt a sense of relief like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. That someone is finally Listening to me and not judging me by my appearance, but what I but what I tell them

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  1. I have hair under my chin…It’s not to this extinct though…It maybe a underlying medical condition causing her to grow a beard.

  2. Look man, i mean sir, mam?!! its ok to have a beard fam, im a dude and i got one 2 is ok….u are a handsome young man….embrace urself.

  3. freak ??no your not a freak your beautiful and you don’t need to feel like people saying something makes you feel ugly

  4. I hate that it stops halfway. Like, where’s the rest? What’s the diagnosis? What happened? I swear it’s not worth subscribing! 🤬

  5. im 12 and have really bad upper lip hair i made a mistake when i was young i shaved with a razor and from then its got worse and worse

  6. Is not her fault.. she is beutifule she just have to laser it away.. i hope she Will one be free from it. she sound like a very Nice and sweet Girl.

  7. I’m sorry the way you feel but ignore those haters the wouldn’t like it if they went through the same things you go through they wouldn’t like it if you made fun of them

  8. awe bbygirl your gorgeous you are not a freak. You are perfect the way you are. Just be yourself and don’t let people get you down

  9. But she look like a girl they shouldn't question her about her gender that's rude for people to ask dat clearly she looks like a girl

  10. I also grow bard but I never created myself the one who created me want to see me like that, so why should I worry myself over what people think or say? All I know is that I'm unique, and to be unique is to be one in a million, isn't that wonderful?

  11. I can relate to this … excessive hair for girls gives self pity , depression n stuff. I got it n it's the worst thing that's ever happened to me

  12. I don't now if this is real but I have a sister that I, separated from her names diamond and she's adopted if this is her I love u diamond

  13. A lot of african American women are like this, its their fault that they try to act like men and increase their T levels above normal women levels.

  14. I have hairs on my chin to my neck and I’ve been told by my guy friends “why do you have a beard?” Or a teacher told me “you need to shave” It’s not the same compare to Diamond’s story but i always been insecure that I started waxing

  15. There’s a girl in my school that’s really pretty but she has a beard and she shaves that’s where she messed up

  16. My problem is with the chin hair cause the plucking and shaving has caused scarring. I can deal with the rest of the hair but my chin is a mess.

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