Who We Are – John Randolph Medical Center

(lively music) – [Announcer] At John
Randolph Medical Center, we’ve been taking care of families in the Tri-Cities area since 1915. Now, more than 100 years
later, we’re better than ever. (intense music) (bright music) Today’s John Randolph offers
the highest quality healthcare, with an experienced professional staff, and the latest in medical technology. We have an advanced emergency room, with a primary stroke center, an accredited emergency chest pain center, and special pediatric treating
rooms and waiting areas, so you know your children
are in good hands. John Randolph is part of HCA, one of America’s leading
healthcare providers. We work with other HCA
hospitals in the region, to make sure you get the right
treatment at the right time, and our specialty facilities
in the Tri-Cities area mean that help is never too far away. At John Randolph, you get
the best of both worlds. A hometown hospital who
knows you and your family, and a real-time connection to the most advanced
healthcare technologies. We’re here to serve you
and your family now, and in the future. From our eye-catching facility, to our advanced technologies,
and compassionate staff, our patients come first. John Randolph Medical
Center has been serving the Tri-Cities community
for more than 100 years, and we want to be here for a hundred more. John Randolph Medical
Center, a hometown hospital that offers world class healthcare.

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