Who is Urology San Antonio? | Medical Group of Male and Female Urologists Serving San Antonio

Urology San Antonio is a big believer in in diversity, and we
really try and cater to the needs of the community. In the city of San Antonio, you have to have Spanish-speaking
doctors. In the market that we have, we have to have women in our practice that take your women that demand women. We had have have grown our group in
several different specially areas that have made us quite unique, whether they be
from a robotic surgery all the way down to infertility and
microvascular surgery that our infertility doctors do. We specialize in area advanced female
reconstructive surgery, advanced male urethral surgery. We have a unique urodynamics laboratory which is a very
high-end way evaluating bladders that are
dysfunctional. It can help us make decisions on how to
treat patients and when operate when not to. And I think in picking the surgeon is going to give the best
highest quality, least invasive operation for our patients is a guy you want a pick. And we feel free
to do that with the group. We inter-referrer within Urology San Antonio, and in that area we are unique. We don’t feel like we need to be the guy
that does everything. We find we find that individually within
our group best at doing that particular kind of surgery. We have also
developed this partnership with Forest Park. We find this to be a very exciting
new development for us. It provides us with the ability to
essentially be able to create our own area of specialty within a hospital, and
rather than have to adjust to what the hospital has
provided us, the hospital will actually order in the things that we think you
going be best to care for our patients. The Forest Park people have been very generous in terms of their own wanting to learn about urology, and that we have I significant number
have our surgeons that are that are Forest Park partners. We think that that the future for a lot of groups
is going to be in developing these kind of relationship with hospitals, and Forest Park has been very
unique in that regard.

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