Who is Petra Mickova..?

Petra Mickova is the reality TV star of ” Dr.
Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet ” She is the wife of Dr. Jeff Young. By profession, a veterinarian the lady works
at Planned Pethood Plus, a veterinary clinic in Colorado. She was born and grew up in Slovakia. Her love life with Dr. Jeff Young came to
be after she came to the U.S. for veterinary training in 2010. Despite age difference which is evident between
the couple let alone, Dr. Jeff was a divorcee and father of three grown-up children, their
love life flourish. After a few years in the relationship, the
couple married in 2014. They now live above the clinic to deal with
their notoriously busy schedule. The veterinarian couple has not given birth
to any children. They are close to Dr. Jeff’s daughter Melody
Obuobisa, who works as a practice manager in the clinic, Planned Pethood Plus. There are challenges of working with family
member especially in the profession such as a veterinarian. She keeps her married life and family ties
separated and strictly act on clinic routines. Every procedure whether a routine or an urgent
surgery there she has to be careful and Petra Young understands her role.

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