Whitney Corby Rehab Story

Students walked the stage during Binghamton
University’s graduation over the weekend each with their own personal story about their
journey. Our own Brittani Moncrease talked with one
student who turned tragedy into triumph. Nobody thought this day would come. She is a miracle. The doctors told my parents there is no medical
reason why I’m here. Whitney Corby was an A student, a Division
I lacrosse player at the University at Albany when December 26th, 2013, that all changed. I was going to the gym at night, my car slid
on black ice and hit a tree. We got the call that no parent ever wants
to get: that there was an accident and it was looking pretty grim. Whitney suffered multiple broken bones including
a fractured skull, bruised lungs, and a traumatic brain injury. Whitney spent a week in a coma. The night before she woke from her coma, they
told us to start preparing that she wasn’t going to make it. But she did. Whitney was sent to Unity Hospital and Golisano
Rehab where she learned to walk, talk, and meet basic needs all over again. I told myself: Whitney, come on, you’re not
going to be a vegetable the rest of your life. You’re going to go out there, you’re going
to work hard. That pep talk paid off. [Whitney Corby] – [applause] The newest member of the Class of 2017. If someone told her she couldn’t do something,
she would try 10 times harder. That’s just the way she’s always been. So for her to be here today walking across
the stage, that doesn’t surprise me at all because she is a fighter. And what is her degree in? Nursing. After the care that I received at Unity, really,
the connection with the nurses was unreal. Definitely they shaped the nurse that I’m
going to be. If I can do it, anybody can do it. Because, what does it take? A little bit of motivation, some push to get
you going and that’s all you really need. And that’s what Whitney holds onto. She says that starting back at square one
has changed her life. Especially when you essentially have your
identity taken from you, that leaves you feeling powerless and, like nothing. Definitely getting all of that back created
the new Whitney. A graduate nurse who beat and exceeded all
odds. In Vestal, Brittani Moncrease, Spectrum News. Whitney’s family is all originally from Corning,
but they now live in Virginia where she will start working as a nurse in neurology at Winchester
Medical Center in Virginia.

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