Whistler Bike Park | Drop in Clinic – A Closer Look | 4k GoPro POV

So you just roll right into it. It’s like butter. I’ve done this before. And then it goes into a jump… and you go straight or you can go down there; there’s a big berm there. Yeah, I’ve done this before. Yeah Or there’s another line around the other side. which is more tech single track kinda stuff. That’s cool. I don’t know if it’s rideable. Nice! So look at this. Whoa that’s cool! You hit that? Yeah man it’s great! You hit that? We’ll do that in a day or two when you are a little more comfortable. Have you hit that? Yeah! You just… How much air do you get off that? Or do you just ride down it? It’s a roll. You just roll down it. It’s great!

25 thoughts on “Whistler Bike Park | Drop in Clinic – A Closer Look | 4k GoPro POV

  1. So funny, on the GoPro this looks like nothing at all. I still get a bit nervous as I'm approaching it to this day,
    even tho I have absolutely no problem riding it. It's always a "waker upper" type feature!!

  2. Awesome little section of trail. Don't go right or too deep. Had a brain fart couple years ago landed on the rocks slipped a pedal and fractured heal, took me out for 3 months.

  3. Jamie: the new laser lines…best improvement so far! All you need are some PEW PEW! sound effects and it'd be a masterstroke really. As always, the video is perfectly descriptive of the feature. In this case, I disagree with you and feel the GoPro does a pretty good job of showing the steepness of the roll in, unlike some of the other videos. I had another thought too: you're going to have to go back to all your older, earlier videos that have less advanced editing and re-film as your riding and the editing skills progress. Super happy. Booking flights now for the last two weeks of July and first week of August in Whistler. Stay healthy. I'll try to be less camera shy in 2018 too.

    Best part of all the videos? You show the trails from the point of view of a non-professional rider. Don't get me wrong. Those edits are amazing too, but they're pretty unattainable. Your videos show lines that non-pros can achieve. Can't wait for the next one.

  4. Nice edit!!, ive lost count on how many times i get to the entrance on drop in and find nubes standing on the trail!!!!

  5. OMG the dude riding in front of the hip jump without looking. Scary. Probably a newbie but still there's a merge sign and if you are riding No Joke you should be aware.

    During EWS 2016 practice I saw Yoann Barelli nose manual into DIC on his enduro bike while laughing his maniacal laugh, it was so cool, wish I had it on GoPro.

  6. Those closer look vids are awesome. These should help me to hit more stuff on my next visit.

    It doesn't seem that you do much breaking the way down drop in clinic when entering it slowly, right?
    How about the compression at the bottom?

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