100 thoughts on “Whisper Challenge: Teen Slang VS. Medical Terms

  1. Hey Dr. Mike! Random question…I’m going back to school at the end of this month to get my Esthetician’s License. I have to wear scrubs and and I have no idea where to get them. Do you have any recommendations on the best places to find good fitting scrubs? Or brands that you like? Thank you so much!!! I appreciate it!!!

  2. Omg lowkey I have Osgood-Schlatter disease to and I was glad it was on the list cuz growing up it took years for doctors to tell me that thats what was happening to me. Dr. Mike if you see this, can you answer this question. So I've had the disease since I was in the 3rd grade and still get pain and as an athlete its not fun. My school's trainer says that theres no way I still have it because I'm 21. According to my family doctor, I'm still growing. So is there a different condition that is similar to Osgood-Schlatters for adults?

  3. First of, love all your videos so much Dr. Mike. Secondly, I laughed so much at the part where you ask your nephew if he needs some chapstick and then tell Bear to give him some saliva. And Daniel goes along with it and goes "Bear, give me a kiss!" Bear kisses him and you both laugh. That was sooooo adorable!! Love you Dr. Mike, you are the absolute best.<3<3<3

  4. Mike’s face while he’s nephew was explaining (or at least trying to) what that disease is is just the funniest

  5. Starting at 8:45 I love how Bear starts to look at both you and Daniel πŸ˜‚ to see the response. Bear is so cute.

  6. All this does is further debunk the myth that lip reading is a super easy skill to learn and mastered by all who are deaf. Like naw. It's all just a guessing game.

  7. there is a thing of tums in the back and I laughed so hard because that is like the saver of lactose people aka me…

  8. I absolutely love the fact that you explain the specific situation whenever u cm across a medical term..β€πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  9. Dr Mike spilling the tea was actually taken from I think 17th/18th century when ladies of the court would sit together for tea and biscuits and gossip

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