When To Visit The ER – Concussions – Bellevue Medical Center

A concussion is defined as an acute trauma
induced onset of altered mental function with or without preceding loss of consciousness. Most of our concussions we see here at the
Bellevue Medical Center are sports related. Football, any contact sports can have it,
volleyball, basketball, and wrestling. It can lead to long-term mental problems,
cognitive dysfunction; it can lead to hemorrhage in the brain.
Confusion and amnesia, loss of consciousness is obviously a big thing. A lot of times the
victim doesn’t remember the events leading up to the trauma or events after the trauma.
You definitely look for amnesia and confusion, dizziness, vomiting or ringing in the ears. Category one, there is no loss of consciousness
and the concussion symptoms last for less than 15 minutes. Category two, there is no loss of consciousness
but the symptoms last more than 15 minutes. Category three, there is an immediate loss
of consciousness. They need close monitoring for at least 24
hours and that can be done by parents at home. They should stay out of the sport, depending
on the grade of the concussion, they can be taken out of the sport for up to a week and
if they get a second or third concussion, it can end terminate the season or take them
out for a month at a time.

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