When Fortnite Pros Go To The Doctor

Next! Well here at Sentinels they care a lot about player health. That’s why they bring someone like me in. Every couple weeks, give a professional vibe check. I mean how you feeling? That bad huh? That bad? Alright well that’s that’s cool
you know okay we’re gonna get you back vibin’ in no time. A couple things I want to
prescribe you okay. I want you to be having at least one of these a day,
two would be great,
three, prime. Okay? And I’m gonna prescribe you some lo-fi
hip hop beats to study slash relax to. You know an hour a day as best as you
can and we’ll get you back in no time alright?
How’s that sound? There’s a few good examples of things that will cause bad vibes. One being, you’re in a game and a
ten-year-old claims to be your daddy and then the game’s over and he leaves. Isn’t that typical? Typical. Next! Senoxe! Always vibin hard man. See you again
in two weeks! A lot of players like to self-diagnose their vibes and they shouldn’t. I’m a professional. I’ve been studying vibes in med school
for seven years. And I’m drowning in student loan debt. Next! Dude come on. I don’t know why you’re mad
dude, it’s just a bronze. Dude! It’s November. My bad. I never make it. Man, I can’t believe they let these kids in here. Bro your game is full of boomers. At least we don’t play with 13-year-olds all day on Fortnite. How’s the ping in the retirement home? Just as good as the daycare
buddy. Bro you can’t even fill a full lobby and you still sit bench. Your forehead’s bigger than the Fortnite map. Chapter one or chapter two? Both. You guys ever get nervous streaming to your 10 viewers? Chill bro, 15, respect the elders. Where you spend 36 hours looking at a black hole. Hey, look at us. I’m out of here. What? You guys don’t have phones?

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