What’s Working: Low Cost Health Clinic To Expand

IN TONIGHT’S WHAT’S WORKING, A LOW COST MEDICAL CLINIC IN THE TRINITY GARDENS AREA OF MOBILE IS EXPANDING.. IT’S CALLED HANDS OF HOPE. THE CLINIC HAS BIG NEWS, AFTER BEING OPEN FOR FIVE YEARS. IT DIDN’T TAKE LONG FOR DR. CYNTHIA WASHINGTON TO FILL HER CLINIC WITH PATIENTS AT HER HANDS OF HOPE CLINIC IN THE TRINITY GARDENS COMMUNITY OF MOBILE.. IF PATIENTS DON’T HAVE INSURANCE, SHE ONLY CHARGES $30 FOR A VISIT. – bite – 57:46 there was a need…people in the area needed a clinic and god put it on my heart to come to this area and start the clinic SHE WASN’T SURE HOW IT WOULD GO AT FIRST.. BUT SHE QUICKLY REALIZED THAT MANY PATIENTS IN THIS AREA HAD PUT OFF HEALTH CARE, BECAUSE IT WASN’T AFFORDABLE.. PATIENT BERTHRYN THOMAS STARTED COMING HERE 3 YEARS AGO. – Bite – berthryne thomas 14:18 we really do need a clinic in this area..bc its Trinity gardens…its the first time I have known a clink c in this area… She is real nice. Dr. Washington, she’s real nice Her staff and all PATIENT KATRINA YATES SAYS SHE DOESN’T LIVE IN TRINITY GARDENS, BUT THE WORD IS OUT ABOUT THE CLINIC.. – bite – katrina yates 17:18 people ax me.. Do you like the clinic.. Are they freindlty..you dn’t have to wait long to see the doctor – bite – katrina yates 17:18 people ax me.. Do you like the clinic.. Are they friendly..you don’t have to wait long to see the doctor – stand up – Dr. Washington’s clinic has grown a lot of over the over the past 5 years.. At this location there are only 2 patient exam rooms. At this location, she says its time to move. She is building a new office with 6 patient exam rooms. – bite – 3:56 I take no credit.. Its all in gods hands. I thank god for using me as his servant to provide care to the patients DR. WASHINGTON SAYS SHE LOOKS FORWARD TO CONTINUE HER CALLING, OF CARING FOR PATIENTS. FOR WHAT’S WORKING, IM DEVON WALSH. THE NEW CLINIC WILL BE LOCATED ON MOFFETT ROAD, NOT FAR FROM THE CURRENT LOCATION. IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA FOR A WHAT’S WORKING SEGMENT… WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! SEND US AN EMAIL TO WHATS WORKING AT W-K-R-G DOT-COM.

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