What’s on my iPhone? DOCTOR’S EDITION: Medical Apps and More

Hey guys today, we are getting personal I’m gonna be sharing what’s on my phone and talking about some of the apps that I think helped me as a doctor on a day to day basis I was on call last night and my phone died and So then I realized when I was picking up my phone and looking at it you start realizing Which apps do you feel like you can’t live without or what are the ones that you use all the time? So I’ll share these with you (Violin) Okay, so let’s dive right in okay first glance you can tell it’s kind of like having a messy room I just have so many notifications, and I try to manage them, but then they’re always popping up and at this point honestly I just ignore them But I’m more aware of it now that you guys are seeing it. So, calendar, contacts, Google Maps, all these kind of boring ones Uber you guys know that I use a ton, notes I use all the time to write down ideas for YouTube videos mostly Reminders if there are things I need to go home and read about in clinic, so… oh yeah! So, clinic I had read about these things. I checked them off. It always makes me feel good to check things off Next Dropbox, I put everything up in the cloud guys I lost like all these violin performances so all these Important videos that I had I lost them all on an external hard drive Because it got shaken up – anyway, point is, it really sucked it. Now I put everything in the cloud. Next is Evernote I used this a ton in medical school You can type up all of your notes in your computer And then when you’re on the board you can flip through your notes and actually see them Plus you can add to them if you wanted to Which is a bit of a time saver rather than adding to your notes when you get home iBooks is awesome. I have all my textbooks on here, so like cheat sheet, medications, I can just have at the tip of my finger Let’s see Anything that I would want, like Cecil’s Medicine – um, some of you have been asking what textbook I like for internal medicine. This is one of my favorites It’s having a tough time uploading so I’ll leave it for now but great textbook to have MKSAP and this New England Journal of Medicine knowledge plus. These are cue card apps. So they’re basically question banks you can go through them. They’ve got some teaching and learning – helps you just keep up to date, I guess I use it mostly when I’m like waiting for a bus Walking somewhere, waiting for a clinic when like your doctor staff is late So it’s more for me like a waiting type of learning. Ok so then I got like communication, media, that kind of stuff, for two lines. And, in there, like Twitter I just recently got I’m not super great on it yet But I get a lot of interesting stuff from other doctors who post it, so I’m mostly someone who just reads stuff on Twitter right now Facebook, I’m sure you guys all know what that is This calculator Oh, this is awesome, quick calculations that you need to do in the hospital all the time so if someone has an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation There’s a score called chads2 That you do all the time to see what’s their chance of having a stroke – do we need to put them on a blood thinner? So it’s just easy you can remember this but sometimes It’s just nice to flip through on your phone, so: does this person have heart failure? No. Do they have high blood pressure? Yes Are they over 75? Let’s say yes. Have diabetes? No. And, have they had a stroke? Yes so they’ve got every single year an 8.5% chance of having a stroke if they didn’t have treatment So, you know, that’s useful information to tell a patient I can sometimes show them how we calculated this and help them make a decision Next, Up To Date – this, hands down, I use the most as a doctor, on the wards, in clinics, everywhere I’m able to read about different diseases, so let’s see, I was just reading about rheumatoid arthritis because I’m in a rheumatology rotation right now and this just gives you really reliable excellent quality information that I feel good using so Super useful during the day yeah, that’s one that, if I don’t have my phone, I really miss the most Instagram Definitely hit me up there. I get a lot of requests I actually try to answer a lot of your quest in your comments, and I’m obviously still pretty far behind on some of them But I will get around to it so find me there and I do all my stories and Q&A’s Messenger and emails Classic stuff, just ways of talking to people. The bottom bar I prioritize the Whatsapp because in the hospital we use lots of Whatsapp groups and so we actually use it a ton. Alright, next page! So YouTube apps, actually, I don’t know if you guys know they have a creators app and it’s a way that I can see all of your comments when I’m on the go during the day so I can like them and read them, anyway It’s really nice, and I love seeing your comments when they pop up on my phone Okay, so then we get to the medical folder, so these are very specific apps I use them sometimes not like on an everyday basis, but say we’ve got one called journal club. Now, as doctors there are tons of papers that come out all the time and we’re supposed to keep up to date on all this new information. Sometimes you know you can just use that Up To Date app I showed you, but other times you want to actually see those trials and read them yourself These are summaries of those trials so I paid money to get this app and I think it’s super useful, so let’s see There’s this new trial, yeah, the adrenal trial Everyone’s talking about – it’s like the hot topic in ICU right now – so you can click on there they’ve got a whole summary. You can skim through it see about the important issues, and it’s just yeah. It’s a time-saver, that’s for sure What else have we got in here – so then there are kind of lots of other medical apps that help create scores that will tell you if it’s more likely that a patient has this disease or not So it’s not like a slam dunk, like, if you could just plug in a bunch of numbers and say BAM! This person has this disease, great – there would be Dr. Google. I would be out of business but it doesn’t really do that, so like, you can go in here look at some of the symptoms plug them in, it’ll help you make a decision, come up with numbers to say someone’s more likely to have this or not What else do we have in here, but, ones that help with prescriptions and dosing, What anticoagulants or what blood thinner should you choose based on you know scenarios? Oh Thicker One! This is kind of fun It’s like it’s like Instagram sort of for doctors People can put up pictures about cases that they’ve seen. Wow, so this is a picture of looks like a tumor on someone’s finger there general surgeon put it up. That’s a bit shocking I thought it was like a raisin at first Anyway, so you can have conversations about that. I don’t usually participate, but sometimes it’s fun to scroll through and see what people have posted. Eponyms. So, this is everywhere in medicine. So, eponyms are basically these old guys like hundreds of years ago, who found out about a disease and named the disease or a physical finding after themselves so they don’t name it something obvious. They name is their name, so eponyms – let’s see, if you go in about ear, nose and throat like Bozzolo sign. Bozzolo sign. I’ve never heard of that, so let’s see what that is – aortic regurgitation, pulsatile nasal mucosa Oh, I think I actually have heard of that, but why did you call it Bozzolo sign? Like that? That’s crazy. It’s not something you’re gonna remember and people ask you: “what’s the name for this sign?” And it’s just that’s just pure memorization, so these type of apps are just kind of fun honestly I don’t use it a ton. I don’t like study from it or anything. Okay, then I’ve got like my “extra” folder It’s basically just a bunch of stuff that Apple provides you that I didn’t really want to get rid of and so it just kind of sits in that folder, and I never really look at it. What else? The “stuff” folder. Okay. This is basically like that closet in your house where you just shove everything in there, and you kind of forget about it. And it’s just a way of cleaning up. That’s my “stuff” folder. I have some good stuff in there, but there’s stuff/things that I don’t like open up very often anyway Let’s see – Bitmoji! You guys know I love bitmojis gif keyboard that’s just fun. I just send it to friends just cause..as jokes home budget, oh! Okay, so my dad got me to download this app. Apparently it’s really good. I’m supposed to use it. I haven’t been using it. I think I will start doing it. *laughs* LastPass, oh so this is supposed to be: you have one password, it lets you into this area and then it keeps all of your passwords there. The big thing is you just can’t forget that one password and guess what I did? I forgot it. So I figured I would make a new password, super secure, and then I just I didn’t write it down. I completely forgot it so now I can’t access it at all…and out of shame, I just keep that app there Um, next, just kind of random – oh Hopper! That is a great app. This is like an app to help you save money when you’re traveling so I’m actually going to Oslo this summer, so in Norway this summer, to visit my friend who’s getting married, so I was tracking that trip to find out when’s the best time for me to book that trip? Anyway, so this one, it should fetch the latest price, but let’s see how long it takes for this bunny to run Too long. Okay. We’ll abort that plan and…but anyway, it’s a good app to check out. Choisie! I love this! Okay, so I’m a huge fan of board games and just playing card games and stuff with friends So this is one of these apps that helps choose who goes first in a game. Say say you’ve got three people in this game. So, I’ll use my three fingers – so each person would put one finger on the screen – oh! One wouldn’t finger on the screen and you are waiting to see which one it picks and the thumb gets to go first also, you can use it if you have groups – so say, you know, you got four people in the group, and you don’t want to have to, you know, play favorites. So you put the four fingers down and it’s gonna decide who’s in which group, so now we know the group’s Ooh, Snapchat is in the “stuff” folder. So, I used to be a huge fan of Snapchat I used it all the time, honestly now I just use a lot of Instagram, and I don’t really use it anymore, so it kind of went into that “stuff” folder. Sorry guys, find me on Instagram instead. Ayway, so that is about it. That’s what’s on my phone. Protip by the way, we carry these everywhere. They get really gross. So wipe these off kind of like your hands when you’re wiping off with Purell, do the same with your phone. Do you really want to think about where this has been, everything that it’s touched? It’s kind of gross after a while. Anyway, on a positive note let me know if you have an awesome app that you love, maybe one that you’ve made? Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear about it, otherwise I’ll be chatting with you guys next week, and oh! I’ve got a new type of video that I’m gonna be releasing next week I’m super excited about it. I won’t tell you anything more at this point, but check it out next week – ok, bye for now guys!

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  1. Can you please make a list of the apps you use? Or what they’re called? It’s hard to keep pausing the video. I’m working on my GED but I want to go into paramedics then settle into nurse physician. But I kind of want to be a doctor now thanks to you!

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  4. App: myduty .. its like a shift calendar (probably more for nurses soz) and you can make a group for all your colleagues and see which shifts they're working (and yes it's disheartening when there are none of your friends on the same shift as you!)

  5. While I am not a doctor (I dont even play one on TV!), I do work for a mobile company and medical services are in my vertical. The one app I didn't see you have that most clients of mine live by is epocrates.


    Also, for keeping phones sanitized, use those sterile alcohol squares. They are thin, easy to carry, easy to use, and, most importantly, WONT HURT THE ELECTRONICS!!!

  6. My life depends on LastPass …. there are competing products, so you can choose. The free version will keep your passwords for a small number of computer/phones/tablets; I pay a few dollars a year for more machines. Choose a favourite book title or movie title, or a quote from a character as the password … just not one you keep repeating to people. eg "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn", "Gone With the Wind", "I’d rather take coffee than compliments right now." (from Little Women … bonus points for two punctuation marks.)

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  10. When I saw nephrotic syndrome in your notes it honestly made me smile! I had nephrotic syndrome when I was younger and it seems like no one knows what it is since it’s pretty rare!

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  12. Handtevy Mobile Pediatric Emergency Standards ©2018. It's brand new, & still being put together, but its a pretty neat app. It's also created by a doctor who works in the Savannah, GA area. I know it requires a passcode, but once I find out what it is I can let you know. Please give it a try. 🙂

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  14. You must be an Candian doctor because I see that you have "Toronto Notes" and The "Compendium of Therapeutic Choices". Only Canadian doctors and no one else reads this .

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    I was wondering if you knew anybody in a wheelchair that has become a doctor and how they handle residency and being on call. I also wanted to know what medical schools that you recommend would be a good fit for me with being in a wheelchair.

    Anyway, I know that this is a long post, but I find your videos very interesting, and educational. If you could please reply back to this post via e-mail, it would be greatly appreciated.

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