hello gorgeous welcome back to my
Channel today I am talking about what was in my hospital bag for when I gave
birth to McKinley but more importantly this is gonna be what was in my hospital
bag that I actually used so that you don’t make a mistake like me and pack
away too much so if you’re watching this and you’re prepping to give birth to
your little one first of all congratulations so exciting and it’s
gonna be the best experience of your life I just know it but if you want to
see what was really important to Matt and I in our hospital bag then keep
watching before we get started I just want to say McKinley is literally right
next to me in her crib so if you hear cooing or playing or maybe even fussy
it’s that’s why she’s right there and she’s playing she she loves to lay in
her crib but I want to talk about first off the most important thing that was
used from the time she was born until the time we left up until this very day
and that is my Boppy pillow oh my gosh one of my awesome readers suggested that
I take the boppie with me to the hospital and this was the best
suggestion ever so if you are planning to burn to breast feed or if you’re
having a c-section this is a must-have so this is great for
wrapping around you if you have a c-section because if you do have the
incision and you need to cough you know you hold a pillow again see what really
helps to relieve that pressure or sneeze or even laughs my gosh laughing was
painful actually just that just triggered something with me right there
but this is so great for breastfeeding and I would think even with bottle
feeding this is just something that every mom should always take in their
hospital bag okay next up is nursing PJ’s again if you’re breastfeeding
nursing PJ’s are a must these are from Cosabella and they are fantastic because
they’re so soft but they clip down in the front so that they can nurse easily
and also don’t forget a nursing bra those are two things that you must must
have in your own hospital bag the first if you’re having a c-section than the
first day you’re probably not going to get out of your PJs you’re gonna just
stay in the hospital get down but by day two I was in my own PJs because I wanted
to take pictures and kind of get back to the land of the living again you know
and then to piggyback off of that because on day 2
was back in my PJs I also wanted to put on a tiny bit of makeup so I packed my
makeup bag and I packed way too much makeup but I knew I was taking photos
and I knew that those photos would most likely be the ones that we released to
announce her birth so I brought a ton of makeup so you don’t need to do that just
bring the essentials just enough to feel like you look polished for photos if
that’s something that you’re interested in so for me that would be a little bit
of BB cream maybe some concealer maybe some brow and maybe a little bit of lip
baby powder just very very basic and then also don’t forget your toiletries
that is very important so for me that meant deodorant and a hairbrush because
let’s be honest everyone said stuff about bringing towels and flip-flops to
take a shower at the hospital I didn’t do it and I didn’t do it because I had a
c-section I just stood up and the nurses gave me like a quick little sponge bath
situation I didn’t get my actual real shower until I went home so everything I
brought for a shower was not used at all so if you did go to the hospital take a
shower at the hospital leave a comment below because more power to you that you
actually had the energy to do that I did not okay so next up is the diaper
bag and what goes in it my diaper bag is actually from Jujubee it’s really cool
striped so let me just say I weigh over pack to the diaper bag too in the diaper
bag I brought everything that I possibly could have imagined that Miss McKinley
might need she didn’t use any of it first of all the hospital provides you
with basically everything you’re going to need diapers wipes they got them in
the swaddle the whole time so really all you need is a going home outfit any
diapers you might need on the trip home and most importantly for me it was a
pacifier so at our hospital that we were at they highly highly did not promote
giving your baby a pacifier if you were breastfeeding but let me just say that
when your milk is coming in and it’s not in yet and baby is hungry and just needs
some satisfaction the pacifier is what saved us so we chose to use a pacifier
and it didn’t mess with the breastfeeding at all it was a
really great thing so these are her favorites one of the two favorites yeah
see she’s excited but I’m sure likes the webbing ups and then other than that
really that’s all you need in the diaper bag in my opinion is a couple of diapers
a change of clothes a blanket for the car ride home
don’t forget car seat or you have no way to get baby home and that’s about it
okay so comfort is really really really important especially if you’re a
c-section patient like me you’re gonna spend more than one night there you’re
gonna spend several days so pillows and blankets were essential for Matt and I
because let’s be honest pillows at the hospital are like this thick their time
they’re like paper-thin blankets are like paper-thin so we
brought our own pillows and we brought our own blankets from home we’re so much
more comfortable and so much happier that we did another thing that I would
suggest packing if you are going to labor because I’m not sure if the
hospital provides it or not but a heating pad would be a great thing
something else that we brought this was just kind of a touch of home but you
want to talk to your hospitals see if they allow this but we brought our own
essential oil diffuser this is not the one we took this is one for the nursery
but we diffused oil in our hospital room it just was a little bit to kind of just
feel a little bit more homey more relaxed just it just was just made for a
better environment for us personally so in my suitcase like I said I have my PJs
I didn’t wear anything else until my going home outfit I packed way too much
didn’t need any of it I literally wore the hospital socks while I was there
with the grippies on them and I wore my PJs and that was it until I had to get
dressed to go home so spare yourself don’t pack the multiple outfits you’re
not gonna wear them you don’t feel like wearing them but for yourself what you
do want to pack like I said is some deodorant a hairbrush some hair ties
some makeup wipes and your makeup just like I said earlier just because you
know she’s so talkative today but just just in case you do want to look kind of
put together for pictures speaking of pictures don’t forget your camera extra
battery extra memory cards those are so important also your phone charger and if
your taking your laptop your laptop and your
charger those are important those were really important to us all right I had
to take a break this one was fussy it was nap time so I’m just letting her
snooze my arms which is the best guys um okay next thing I want to talk about is
the actual bag that you pack think about it you’re it possibly in labor you don’t
want to have to carry something heavy so for me it was a carry-on bag with the
universal wheels and this one right here makes all the difference in the world
because Matt had his own bags to carry and he doesn’t mean another 500 pounds
of everything that I packed so a rolling bag that is what you need to take but I
just wanted to remind you guys if you haven’t already joined us on our
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what you’d like to see from my channel next all right guys
au revoir


  1. I love your videos. I'm not a mom but maybe one day, so it's nice to learn. I love your podcast as well! xx

  2. I was like you with my first—only got dressed when it was time to go home, didn’t feel up to showering, etc. But with the next three I was up and showered and dressed within 24 hours. Never did bother with makeup for any of my four births though. 😛
    For me I was psychologically much more prepared after my first so it was easier to navigate showering and dressing, and it made me feel so much better! (Of course I didn’t have a c-section, either..! )

    I like the tip of bringing a rolling bag. I would also say to leave extra room in one of your bags or just bring an empty one to fill up with ALLLLL the stuff the hospital sends home with you!

  3. You are such a down to earth Youtuber and devoted mommy! 💖Maybe for one of your next videos, you could have Matt do the voiceover again? I loved the last one and thought it was hilarious, so I really want to see another one if he's up for it! Love you! 💕💕

  4. I loved this video for my sister! She has been freaking out since she is due in 3 months
    For videos I highly think you should do tours! Like a house hour, room tour, baby tour!!

  5. So great your recommend for my future when I as mother like you and can I request if you make vlog if YouTube can you also show your cute baby or wear cute couple t-shirt or dress with your baby

  6. Great advice! I am due any second (past my due date actually) so I’m watching a ton of videos in case I missed anything when packing my bag. Love all the tips!

  7. When you love Angela so much that you don't care that you're nowhere near having a baby.. You watch the video anyway…

  8. Your little girl is just gorgeous. I am now pregnant with #3 and so so excited. It’s been 5 years between bubs for me so was great watching this for reference again 😀

  9. My only thing to say is make sure to make the most of everyday my son is nearly 18 and I feel like it has flown by

  10. I agree I overpack my bag w my clothes thurs n fri i was in my gown n only put on pants n a nursing top when my brothers (n crew) came to visit on sat lol

  11. With my first, I would 100% agree with your feedback of less clothing for both yourself and baby, however, with our second and scheduled c-section after the first ended with an emergency c-section, it was different. I was up and showering on my own within 24 hrs even though it was difficult and I loved having my own clothing/nursing gear to change into a fresh comfortable outfit each day. I never brought any make up with either and still wouldn’t, however, all of my regular traveling toiletries were a must!

    Mommahood is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your feedback with others and welcome to being a mother. It’s the most beautiful blessing. ❤️

  12. I showered after my first but I found it very hard and I got lighted headed was too much.. I packed too much with my first two.. my 3rd he came early and I wasn’t as organized as was with the other two so my bag mainly just had baby things and nothing for me.. was abit more organized with my 4th but again he came early so it wasn’t fully packed..xx

  13. Love this!!!! when I have a child I'm definitely going by this video for what to bring and it was so cute hearing Mackenlee cooing there adorable!!! and I'm listening to the Hello Baby podcast and loving it!
    Also, love your white nail polish where did you buy it?

  14. I had my second baby and at the end I had to have another c section after almost 4 years later from my first but I understand what u mean with showering koz with my first I couldn’t really get out of bed let alone taking a shower I need help from my boy friend and was just not comfortable but I noticed a big difference in m second and I was up and walking on 2nd day and showered myself with not much help also left by 3rd day so much better recovery 😍 congrats on ur baby girl u should do video on how ur labor went and reason for c section, my experience with both my kids weren’t that great when getting news I needed c section first I had preeclampsia and my second I ended up having Cholestasis and had to have my son out at 36 weeks ,would love to hear ur story😘

  15. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. I’m pregnant for the third time, and starting to prepare my hospital bag. I learn new things every time. Instead of the hospital socks, I use these granny slippers they sell at Walmart in a 2 pack for $5. Lol. They stay on my feet so much better and I don’t feel bad about tossing them after they’ve been all over the hospital floor. Also, because the nurses had to constantly check vaginal bleeding (gross) I chose a nursing nightgown with a robe so they could easily check me without me having to move a whole bunch. And the weirdest thing I pack that I won’t go without after labor—depends adult diapers! They are amazing and more comfortable than the giant pads the hospital provides! Lol. Just some of my own suggestions…
    I loved this video and love all your videos! Thanks for being such a down to earth person and sharing these bits of your life with us!

  16. I way over packed with my first but by this 3rd one, I was like, lemme just grab my toothbrush and blanket and were ready to roll 😂 it's funny how things change the more kids you have.

  17. I did shower in the hospital with both of my children.. but they were both vaginal deliveries. My husband would do skin to skin and I’d sneak off for a minute and shower. They have towels there, though. I just brought the travel size soap and lotion from bath and body works and a travel shampoo/conditioner and a razor.

  18. Wow I didn't know there's a possibility of having your husband with you in the hospital overnight. That sounds great! I think the hospitals in my country wouldn't allow it at all. Even less bringing stuff from home. The best you can have is probably a single room and even those are hard to get because the demand is so high.

  19. Congratulations! With our first one, I took a shower right before the Dr walked in and broke my water 🤣 not very smart and ended up having a C-section. My husband loves taking tones of photos and after I saw them I was ready for my other ones. I had 4 c- sections total and took showers in the hospital plus I went full make up on in the surgery room 🤣… to look half alive in the photos.

  20. Hi! I was wondering which color of the suitcase you had. Do you have recommendations on a good makeup/toiletry bag??

  21. Loved this video! New Sub here 😊 Keep Rockin it Mama!! 🙌🏼

    I uploaded a diaper bag video too! I’d love if we could support each other’s channels! Xoxo

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