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– Don’t know what you
actually need to pack for your hospital bag? Well, I was in your shoes three months ago packing my own hospital
bag, baby’s hospital bag, and Daddy’s hospital bag. (chuckles) So stick with me and in today’s video, you’ll learn about things that
you actually need to pack, things that I really ended up using, and other items that you don’t
really need to take with you but they’re nice to bring along to make you feel more
prepared and comfortable. Hi there, I’m Yesenia
Galvan, a health educator and prenatal care health worker. I love talking about tips,
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(graphic chimes) notification bell to let you know every time I post a new video. So first things first, we
need to take care of you and so I really recommend you pack one bag for any of your labor and delivery items and another bag for your postpartum items. Now for your labor and delivery bag, I recommend that you also put
any of Daddy’s items in here or any items for your
support birth companions. And in your postpartum bag, that you pack any of your baby items. I ended up using my baby’s diaper bag as one of the bags I
packed for the hospital, so if you’re still looking for an affordable diaper bag option I created a product review video on this specific Ruvalino diaper bag so you should check that
out after this video. Now let’s talk about
the must-have essentials that you need to pack for
your labor and delivery in no particular order. So for your first must-have,
I recommend you write your labor and delivery
department phone number on a sticky note where your
family members know exactly where it is in your bag
and you yourself know so that you don’t have to
be panicking the day of. (chuckles) But also it’s helpful because when your contractions start, this is the phone number
that you want to call to make sure whether or not you should be making your way over to the hospital. They’ll let you know based
on how long your contractions are lasting for, and how
frequently they’re coming on. Now that leads me to my second must-have which is this application on your phone, and it’s called the Full
Term Contraction Timer and it’s very user friendly. It has a start button
that you’re going to press as soon as your contractions starts and then a family member can also help you because when your contractions stops, you wanna mark that as well. And what I like about this timer is that you’ll be able to see
how long your contractions are lasting for and how
frequently they’re coming on because it begins to
take an average of all of your contractions
together and that way you have your information
ready to go when you call that labor and delivery
department phone number and it takes all the
guesswork, like out of it. You don’t have to be
taking the average yourself or checking the clock to see
how long they’re lasting for. The application does it all for you. The other bonus tip actually
that I’m thinking about is if you call your labor
and delivery department well in advance before you
even begin early labor, ask them what items they
provide for baby, for you in labor and delivery and postpartum. And that way you won’t
have to be buying anything if they’re already providing stuff for you and every hospital is very different, that’s why you wanna make sure you call your specific labor
and delivery department. You’d be surprised what
stuff they include in there. – [Baby] Ah ooh! – Yeah, like for baby I
remember they included a full change of clothes
and a receiving blanket which I wasn’t expecting if I didn’t call their
department beforehand. Now another thing you’ll notice is that I put the labor and
delivery department number on the hospital map so I recommend you get one of these beforehand,
that way when everything is happening all at once,
you don’t get pregnancy brain and forget where parking
is, where, you know, the labor and delivery department floor is and all of that, so it’s also
helpful for family members. And this reminds me, like
if you, another bonus tip is you wanna make sure that
you go to a hospital tour if you’re not familiar
with your hospital already, and that just helps you
get more familiarized with the labor and delivery room as well as the recovery
room you’re going to be in and you can ask them, you know, when is it that they admit you based
on how dilated you are or when do they turn you away
so that you go back home. It’s just a really great
tour that gets you familiar with all of those details. For your other absolute must-haves, I recommend picking out a comfortable set of PJs or clothing that you are going to be laboring in, at least in early labor, before you head on over to the hospital. These are the ones that
I chose from T.J. Maxx that were really affordable
and extremely comfortable and along with that from Walmart I picked up some house
slippers that were under $10 and they bring back so
many memories. (chuckles) I also have some furry comfy
socks that I can’t find anymore but I recommend packing
some of those socks. Also pack some items to
freshen up during your labor, so things like a toothbrush,
toothpaste, mouthwash. I included some floss that
I didn’t honestly even use but the rest I did, and if
you have no time for that, then some gum might make you feel better. And then the eos chapstick. You’d be surprised how dry your lips get. I do recommend that your
family knows exactly where all of these items are in your bag so that they can help
provide them for you. My family would put this on my lips without me having to ask them,
and I was so appreciative. So that’s one way your
family can support you. So other things to freshen
up are some make-up wipes. At one point I remember
my mascara was running and my sister cleaned that up for me. So I felt really pampered. And some vagina wipes. (chuckles) This isn’t a must-have, but if you, if it makes you feel more comfortable then definitely pack those
and a deodorant. (chuckles) Because boy oh boy, it’s
called labor for a reason. These are your absolute essentials except maybe the vagina
wipes because, let’s face it, it’s just, everything’s
gonna get dirty down there and you’re not gonna care
when it comes down to it. But this is like for early labor. These other items are not essentials but they are nice to help
you feel more comfortable and prepared for your labor and delivery. So I packed some essential
oils like lavender, or this one from Oilogic for
relaxing and feeling calmer. This massage oil to have family members massage your legs and
feet or even your back. You can also invest in a Hydro
Flask, this is a 40 ounce one with a straw up at the top,
which makes it so convenient. Anything that makes it
easier for you helps so much and the straw was such a
good investment. (chuckles) If there’s anything from this entire thing that you invest in, definitely
invest in this Hydro Flask especially if you’re planning
on breastfeeding later, this really helps with keeping and maintaining your milk supply. Now I packed VapoRub,
which I didn’t end up using but some people will get really nauseous throughout their labor
and this is a great way to help tolerate your
nausea by smelling it. So maybe take that just in case. I also recommend some
of these Discreet undies that are one-time use. I have ’em in the labor part
because in my very early labor stages when I was laboring at home, I still had a little bit of blood which my hospital was okay with and it wasn’t anything that I
needed to be concerned about but again, call your labor
and delivery department. It’s just, it was part of my bloody show and that’s why it wasn’t
concerning for them but of course if you have
blood, always call your doctor. And these are just great
for postpartum too. Now this is what I personally didn’t pack and I regret not packing, shower sandals and a towel to help you
feel more comfortable. So at one point I remember
being in transition and I was unable to cope
with the contractions. So I took a shower by my
mother’s recommendation with warm water and it just
made me feel so much better, more relaxed and I regret not having these shower sandals with me because I didn’t wanna
step on the hospital floor even though I know they
clean ’em, so take that. I dried myself with the
hospital towels there, but again this is to make
you feel more comfortable. Something else that I absolutely loved was this heating pack which helped when I was
having some lower back pain and my sister put this on and you just plug it to
the electrical outlet. My hospital was okay with me using this but ask them if they’re okay before you even invest
in something like this. I think it was like $40 but
it honestly was so worth it. I also recommend taking
a Bible if you read one. It helped me just by simply looking at it, reminding myself that God
was present in the moment and that I was not alone so I
remember during my transition flipping through this
and landing on a quote that I wanted to share
with you, and it says, “Be strong and of good courage. “Do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, “for the Lord your God is
with you wherever you go.” So when I opened the Bible and read that, I knew that God was definitely with me. I also took a journal and a
pen to capture the feelings and emotions I was experiencing
during my early labor. I really am thankful for taking this because reading back those feelings of nervousness, excitement,
and everything else is just so precious to look back on and it takes me right back to that moment. And now when I’m able to look at my baby, it just reminds me of
everything that I went through to have her here in my arms. And these are some
affirmations that I jotted down and I shared with my
sister so that she would be able to tell me these
things as I was going through unbearable
contractions at some point. And I’m really grateful
that I shared these with her beforehand because,
you know, I wasn’t able to think properly at
some point. (chuckles) I also recommend printing out a birth plan because your doctor may not
always be able to be present in the delivery room
with you or during labor and this will help other
nurses and faculty know what your preferences are. I didn’t print my birth plan
and I regret not doing so because my doctor wasn’t present there and they were pushing
me to do other things that I just didn’t want to even consider if my life or my baby’s
life wasn’t being threatened so I really recommend you
printing out your birth plan. That’s something I didn’t do. Also download, there’s the birth plan on Sophie Fletcher’s hypnobirthing book and she has a great birth plan on there that you can print out. She also has these free hypnobirthing meditation audio clips
that I used during my labor and they helped me so much. So I would listen to those
tapes or to those audio clips while I was at home and in the hospital. I did use a birthing
ball at home that I had but the hospital also
provided that for me, and then at home when I was
having some contractions, I would lay on my yoga
mat surrounded by pillows, listening to those hypnobirthing clips. Sometimes the hospital will offer blankets for you to also lay on the floor or kneel if that’s comfortable for you. I also included my focal point, which was my baby’s heartbeat bear of when I was pregnant.
(heartbeat recording rumbles) And just like my Bible,
it served as a reminder just by looking at it as
a form of concentrating, breathing in and out, and
knowing that I was going through all this for a reason. It was to see my baby, and
that’s very easy to forget when you’re going through
that type of sensation and new feelings.
(kissing cheek) So I would include a
focal point like this. It really did ground me and helped me. I also had this comfortable blanket that I have from Costco. That helped during the point in my labor when I was really cold and shaky and it just felt comfortable
and it reminded me of home and it just made me feel in my element, not like I was in a hospital. I didn’t pack a pillow but
if that will make you feel more comfy, then pack
that and so these here are all of the items
that you should include in the first bag but let’s also talk about what else to put in the bag for your support birth companion’s items. For them, it’s really easy to pack. You just need to pack something, an extra set of comfy clothes for them. I recommend a zip-up hoodie for a partner if they’re going to be
doing some skin-on-skin, that’s very comfortable. Or some sweats, and if they want something to freshen up like their toothbrush. And for them, I think it’s
a lot of snacks. (chuckles) They need the energy so
that they can be there to support you and include
vending machine change. I packed a bunch of other
snacks, like trail mix, nuts, a lot of fruit and Ritz crackers. Things to drink like coconut
water, and some waters, as well as peanut butter
and jelly sandwiches that I made right before
leaving to the hospital. Include these with a cold
pack and you will just be so glad you did that
because sometimes they just don’t wanna be away from you
as you’re going through this and it’s really helpful
that they have a quick snack that they don’t have to
run to the vending machine if they don’t have to for
your support birth companions. I would include chargers, things that they can distract
themselves with like a phone. But also include the camera so you can take a lot of
precious pictures for memories. My sister included a extended
cord that really helped because that electrical outlet
wasn’t really close to them. They’re the ones that
are going to be taking all these pictures, so pack it in a area where they can find it in the bag. And that’s really all you’re
going to need to pack in here. Trust me, it does all fit. It looks like a lot, but
they’re really tiny things. Comment down below with
what else you are packing in your labor and delivery
bag and let me know if I missed anything so that
you can help another mommy by writing it in the comments below. In your second bag,
you’re going to include your postpartum and recovery items as well as your baby’s items. The postpartum items will
be provided by your hospital and this is what mine provided
and yours may as well. They included a perineal cold pack that you just break and
put inside your panties and it provides a coolness for relief. Also you’ll have mesh panties or, again, you can use your Discreet ones and include a Chux pad as well as a regular pad and
then they have the gloves there because there is a lot of bleeding. And my hospital also included
the witch hazel moist pads and this Dermoplast spray helped so much. It was pain relieving
and I really love it. I bought some for home and also requested to take another bottle home with me from the hospital. (chuckles) They’ll also give you a peri bottle so that you can put warm water in here and use it when you’re
going to the restroom and that feels so nice! I personally purchased other
items that I used more at home than I did for the hospital,
so I did end up packing these but only used the Fridababy peri bottle in the hospital along with theirs. This is (bottle squelching) so worth it. I’ll go into it further in
my postpartum essentials video coming up soon. I also have some Earth Mama Herbal Spray that acts like the Dermoplast spray and some perineal balm that
I personally didn’t enjoy because I didn’t like to
touch anything down there. I was too sensitive and sore. So the Herbal Perineal
Spray worked better for me but honestly I didn’t really
like the cucumber scent. I just stuck more to the Dermoplast spray. So these aren’t really needed, but I did include some–
(baby sneezing) bless you! I did include some aloe
vera gel for padsicles and witch hazel unscented fragrance to go in my peri bottles. Now for the items that you’re
probably most excited about and those are the ones for your baby. These will also go in the second bag. For your first must-haves, I
would include a newborn set as well as a zero to
three-month set of clothing. I loved the ones that have
the mittens already included because they scratch themselves so much and I still wasn’t
comfortable clipping them at the hospital. This newborn set didn’t
have the footed bottoms but if you can find
ones that do have those, that would also be better. That way you don’t have to worry
about the socks falling off but if not, I included
some socks and some… Included a beanie, the
hospital will provide one and they get so creative now because they included a boat on it, which I thought was so cute. Those are more for the pictures
and the clothing is more for when they’re going home. Because other than that, my
baby was just in a diaper the whole time because of skin-to-skin. I also recommend taking a
receiving blanket for pictures and a thicker heavier blanket
to put over your car seat as you take your baby out
or if it’s just colder inside the hospital. Your hospital will provide diapers, so no need to pack those. And I included some
hand sanitizer and wipes just in case people were
going to be visiting and they were going to be holding baby. Something I didn’t include
and I regret not including, so don’t be like me, are
the ink pad with the paper so that you can take a footprint
and handprint of your baby. I really wish I would
have not forgotten that. If you do forget it like
me, just get it for later while they’re still small
and you bring ’em home, so. For breastfeeding baby, when they latch on and as they’re learning how to latch on, you’re going to begin getting sore nipples so the Lansinoh lanolin brand
really helped me so much in the first two weeks. The lactation consultant at my hospital provided these for me, so really ask yours because it was so helpful. They provided this vial
to catch the colostrum that was coming out because
my baby was still learning how to latch and wasn’t, you
know, taking in everything so I was hand-expressing into this vial and this syringe will just
help pick up the colostrum and put it in baby’s mouth
and in my breastfeeding video coming up, I’ll also tell
you how I ended up using this at home when I had some engorgement. Now that you know exactly
what to put in your hospital labor and delivery bag,
and your postpartum bag, you have your baby’s items, and your support birth companion’s items, do you know what signs
of labor to look out for? When is it time to grab these bags and head on out the door to the hospital? Well, subscribe to my channel
and hit that notification bell because I’ll be creating
a very detailed video on these signs. If you found this video helpful, please let me know by liking it below and sharing it with friends and loved ones who may also be pregnant
and packing their own bags. In the meantime, make sure to check out these other great videos
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