WHAT’S IN MY BACKPACK? (doctor edition!)

Excuse me Candy. I need some space. Hey guys! My name is Jamie and I’m a first year emergency
medicine resident and today I’m gonna be making a what’s in my bag. And this what’s in my bag video has become
a bit of an annual tradition. I first made this video as a second year medical
school student in medical school, and I made one as a third year. And in third year I had a professional looking
bag because I had just started seeing patients and in 4th year I had a professional/very
light weight bag because as a 4th year medical school student you don’t have to carry a ton
of things to school/hospital so I had a very light weight bag. And as a first year emergency medicine resident
I’m back to my trusty old backpack. And this backpack is actually the same backpack
that I used as a second year med student so it’s nice to be kind of going back and using
it and having it carry all my stuff as a resident vs. medical student. So I talked about this in the last couple
videos but I prefer carrying a backpack now because I’m in the city and I’m commuting
and having a backpack is a lot easier on my bag vs. like a shoulder bag. So that’s why I’ve been carrying a backpack. So let’s get started with what’s in my backpack. So the first thing I have in my bag is a jacket. I have this fleece jacket because it’s always
freezing in the hospital. I just feel like there is no good way to predict
whether it’s gonna be hot or cold. Usually it’s cold in the hospital so I carry
this fleece jacket with in the backpack and then I end up wearing it almost everyday. Next thing I have is my stethoscope. And I always get a lot of questions about
what kind of stethoscope to carry in the hospital especially if you’re a med student or if you’re
a resident but I’ve seen a huge range of stethoscope from one of those disposable ones that you
only use with contact isolation patients to very expensive nice stethoscope but I think
as long as it works for you it doesn’t really matter so just pick one that is good for you
and you can stick with it. Next thing I have is my water bottle. I’ve been trying to take my own advice and
trying to stay hydrated so I’ve been refilling this and drinking it constantly at my desk. Next thing I have is my pencil case. And this is the same pencil case I used since
2nd year of medical school… I think I had it even before then. Basically filled with all the pens, whiteout,
highlighters, ruler and a USB flash drive. For the most part I don’t end up taking this
out because I really only carry two pens on me in my scrub pocket at all times. That’s one black pen and one multipen. This is something I have in my pocket at all
times so that I can quickly take notes and I usually don’t end up digging into my pencil
case. Next thing I have is my shears. And this is a cool trick that I saw a bunch
of people do in the residency. So I’ve also done it–which is to attaching
my shears to this slicky ID badge thing (Retractable badge holder) so that I can clip this part
to my scrub pants and when I need to use my shears, I don’t have to unclip it. I can just stretch it out and use it without
taking it out. Shears are one of things that you kind of
need to have on you at all times because you never know when you’re gonna have to cut somebody’s
clothes off or someone needs their bandages cut off. But I feel like it’s also one of those things
that people always ask you if they can borrow it or if you can do it. I feel like if you just have it handy and
you can just use it and you never have to give it to somebody else and you don’t risk
losing it. Next thing I have is my ID Badge and on the
lanyard of my I.D badge I have this flashlight and this is another really handy way of having
your pen light with you without needing extra pockets. You can just have it around your neck and
you can use it to check someone’s pupils or you can use it look in someone’s mouth or
get a better exam of a wound or something like that. So just a really handy way of carrying your
pen light around your neck. Next thing I have is this portable pulse oximeter. You turn it on and you put your finger in
and it tells you the pulse, your heart rate and basically also your oxygen saturation
percentage. This machine is basically available at a lot
of the monitors, like if you get your vitals taken you can get this number but sometimes
you don’t have those vital checking machines with you when you’re right next to a patient
and you just wanna quickly check someone’s pulse and their heart rates so this is a very
handy way of having it around your neck also. I haven’t had to use it so much in pediatrics
patients but I know that in adult side a lot of the residents have this little handy machine. Actually this is pretty affordable too I think
it’s $18 on Amazon. So I definitely recommend this item. Next thing I have are some of these reference
cards and books. So this book I talked about from my last video. It’s a pocket emergency medicine book. It’s suppose to fit in your white coat pocket
and it’s basically a summary of a lot of the topics that are important in emergency medicine. Not really a book that you read from front
to back it’s really something that you use as a reference so usually I’ll look it up
if I have some down time if I’m curious about a topic or how to manage something. This is an Airway card which I also mentioned
last time. Basically it has all medication that you might
need in a intubation setting and it has the dosages for anywhere from premie babies to
large adults. So it’s really useful and you don’t really
have to think too much about calculating the dosage in an emergency intubation process. And because I’m in pediatrics right now. I have this PALS card which is pediatric advance
life support and it has all the pathways of what to do when something goes wrong or an
when an emergency situation rises. I haven’t had to use it yet thankfully but
I do have it because it has all the vital signs in the front that I think is really
handy to have with you for pediatrics. Next thing I have is my iPhone charger. I also haven’t had to use it because I’m usually
not on my phone at work but it’s just handy to have especially because my work phone is
also an iPhone so sometimes I need to charge that. Next couple things I have are my work phone
and pager. This is a work phone that I use and this is
really handy because it allows me to text the nurses or any consultants if I have any
questions. I haven’t really had to use a pager so much
because of this phone and I think the hospital is rolling out this phone to everyone so that
it’s becoming more of a central method of communication for all of us. And nevertheless I have these two things with
me. Next thing I have is some snacks. Last time I made a video I said that I was
going 12 hours without going to the bathroom or eating. I’m really trying to get better at taking
breaks so I have these snacks with me. This is the nature valley biscuit from Costco. They taste pretty good and I usually end up
having one of these and maybe another thing during my breaks. Next thing I have are my headphones. So I have these Bose headphones and also my
airpods. I use these during my commutes to the hospital. I think that might be it… So I actually have to run now. I’m heading off to my shift in a little bit
so I’m gonna put all the stuff in my backpack and head off to work. Alright guys! That’s it for today’s video. If you guys wanna follow me on social media. You guys can follow me at THESTRIVETOFIT on
Instagram and Twitter. And if you guys wanna support the channel
please go to thestrivetofit.com for some merchandize and if you wanna check out any new video,
check it out over this way. See you guys next time. Byeee!

82 thoughts on “WHAT’S IN MY BACKPACK? (doctor edition!)

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  13. Hello Jamie! I'm a medical student from Germany and I was wondering if you don't get any scrubs from the hospital? Here in Germany, we get our work clothes there because of hygiene. They get watched (not in all hospitals though) everyday and you can pick out a new pair of scrubs everyday. This goes for white coats also… but, like I said, not in all hospitals. But no one has to buy their own scrubs and no one gets changed at home.
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