What’s around Great Ormond Street Hospital?

hi I’m Dominique, and i’m a patient at Great Ormond
Street Hospital we know it can be difficult come into
new place the first time don’t worry they’re lots facilities available around Great Ormond Street
Hospital to make thing seasier whilst you’re away from home.I the hospital has own pharmacy shop and restaurant the
cashpoint located in the main entrance but there are also streets around gosh
they can pick up essential items as well as a bite to eat if you turn
left after the main hospital entrants you
reach lambs Conduit Street the entrance to the up top but now
playing on the left hand side lambs Conduit Street as independent shops cafes and a small
supermarket if we turn right down the street and
walk to the end you reach the boat strayed a man after
people’s world his home in library on the right are
more shops and cafes 10 right and look down people’s throats
to bring me to Southampton right but rely on the right hand side hey he will find back a hotel supermarkets just sent more places to eat and drink
sup back to release Russell Square which also has a notch got on the left
and then there’s chief station to cross from the right this is the Brunswick centre it has I
don’t and children’s clothes stores aback supermarkets and a pharmacy us restaurants cafes own sandwich shops on the net for the Brunswick centre it’s much more Street which has a post
office independent shops and cafes about five minutes walk way to send
large play area quick ones feel has play equipment activities during school holidays and
even animals during certain times of the year a short walk from hospital opposite
direction is Russell Square Gardens here you find
a found ten cafe not open spaces and a few curious
chrome the goblins allocated between gosh and the British Museum one of a number
but you can visit the hospital there are a few ways to get around
London from gosh you see cheap station at Russell Square
which is five minutes walk away all it take the bus the nearest bus
stops on Southampton right the nearest
mainline rail stations a Kings Cross sent Packers and that in
Houston both about a 15-minute walk away if you
do have to come to close by car member pockets very limited the
nearest paid display cup of part but then place for much more Street
all you can park in the media and the
hospital if displayed to say the park bench if you find something fun to do that
we’ve missed out will have no other ideas shopping to the powers of its let them
know slick into other patients about it maps
little area and more information also be found on
our website at gosh dot NHS .uk

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