what to pack in hospital bag for in india | Indian hospital bag list for delivery

Hey guys this video is about hospital bag
,you find lot of videos about hospital bag but in India custom is completely different
the way it is different is people are here to help us always we have our mother or in
laws to help us . So lets get started .You need to pack your bag when reaching 36 weeks. Pack a separate bag for yourself and a separate
bag for your baby .Let see what to pack for yourself first Let me show everything here
one by one . One thing I have not included here is medical
records and insurance papers . Keep that as the first thing. Keep all your toiletries like your face wash,soap
,shampoo, paste,tooth brush in a separate bag. Next is your wallet, it is not just enough
if you keep your cards alone sometimes you need to carry cash because some places they
do not accept cards and you have to pay in cash. Next is your mobile phone, headset charger. See to that you do not put any pin or pattern
to lock your phone because you will hand over to your husband or someone else and they would
find it difficult to put your pin or pattern . I always prefer to have a notepad and pen
with me. Take a stole or a dupatta that is nice and
big enoughh because you need to feed your baby and you want to cover yourrself and your
baby and you dont want to open up and you may find uncomfortable ,so it is always a
great help carrying a stole or dupatta. Take all your make-up items in a small bag.You
will not find time to groom yourself so you can keep these things minimal. You can enjoy being normal and simple. Take your hair comb, body lotion, face cream,
watch, bands to tie your hair, clutch or clip, lip balm, your eyeliner or eye pencil, hair
band. Sanitary pad – you dint have your periods
for 9 months period of time and you will have your periods now for atleast 20 to 25 days
and it can be longer too,that basically depends. This one is something that you have to stick
to your panty.initally either it is a normal delivery or a c-section you can get the Carefree
type sanitary pads- the one that that is not required to wear any panty. Breast pad – This is a dispossable breast
pad from Philips avent brand. It is not essential that you have to get this
while packing your hospital bag. Im sharing this since I wanted all new moms
to know that your milk will flow out of your dress and thre is something available in market
to control them. You need to use this inside your nursing bra. Towel panties
Maternity bra or Nursing bra – You definitely need to get tow or three before your delivery. I prefer this latch type ,the latch at the
top. There are several types in the market but
I find this more comfortable. You need tow or more maternity or feeding
dress before your delivery. this is from a brand mothers-to-be. I got to before delivery itself because you
have very few options when it comes to maternity clothes and this is so comfortable. You have a very nice space near your belly
region . I call this a maternity or a nursing dress because you have a vertical or horizontal
zip were you can open and feed your baby. Keep one changing dress separately because
you need one while returning starting from hospital to home. I have listed all that is required for a mother. The numbers basically depends on how long
you are going to stay in the hospital. Next we can see what all is required for a
ababy. Swaddle blanket – This is a ready made swaddle
blanket. This helps in keeping your baby warm especially
when you are carrying from hospital to home Towels : Babies would require lot of towels
,towels in differents sizes Big towel ,soon after baby’s bath you can
place the baby in this receiving towel first Medium size towel : to clean your baby after
a bath. Babies are so tiny and they dont require a
big towel as we do.It is sufficient if we have medium size towels. You can get one or two like these In case if you are giving a sponge bath then
you may require a hand towel like this. Changing mat : You definitely require a changing
mat. Just in case if you want to give a sponge
bath or to change diaper. As you see here one side is made out of cotton
and the other is made out of plastic sheet. Baby’s dress : Any cloth that touches the
baby’s skin should be washed before using. When it comes to baby’s dress there are four
types the one with buttons – I prefer this the most because it is easy to put on your
baby the
next with the strings in the top – you need to bring the dress through the head and tie
the knots in the end. Next is one size – when it comes to one size
you have to use a diaper Fourth one is the banian type : I do not recommend
the baniyan type for new born because you have to get the head and hands perfect. For a new born the head wouldnt be steady
and it would be difficult to get it right Sweater , cap socks,mittens The next important and most essential thing
is the hand sanitizer. Evertyime you touch your baby you need to
sanitize your hands. You can also ask your guests to sanitize themselves. Your baby piss and poop a lot. You definitely need wet wipes
Baby lotion Baby powder
To evenly spread the powder in your bab’s body you need a powder puff. If you dont have a powder puff what you can
do is just take some powder in your hands and spread them on the baby’s body. Shampoo
Baby soap A nail clipper or a nail cutter
When it comes to baby’s diaper there is lot of confusion on what to choose and how to
use. I suggest you not to use disposable diaper
initially atleast for the first few days because they do have chemicals on them to absorb the
urine. If you are pregnant I would suggest you to
collect soft old cotton clothes like old saris,chudithar. There could be nothing better than the old
cotton clothes not even the store bought nappies or nappy pads. However Im showing a few other options here Each time after feeding your baby it is important
to clean your baby’s mouth. See to that it is nice long and clean clot. It should be lightly thicker in material. The last and most important that you require
for your baby is the quick dry sheet. The material is made out of cotton in the
front and plastic in the other end. This helps in absorbing baby’s urine. Let me show you how to use the quick dry sheet. Considering this to be your baby’s bed you
can either spread the quick dry sheet completely in the bed or fold them into half so that
your baby’s bottom alone touches the sheet. Now cover it with an old saree or any other
soft cotton cloth. You can place your baby here. Quick dry sheet is available in various sizes
small, large, extra large. Other items that can be carried by a person
who is going to accompany you 1. Flask
2. Water bottle
3. Tea glasses
4.Pillow 5. Slippers
6.Blanket 7. Snacks

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