What to expect when you come in for surgery at Medical City Children’s Hospital

(upbeat music) Medical City Children’s Hospital. 7777 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75230 mcchildrenshospital.com | 972-566-7111 – Hello, everyone. Welcome to Medical City
Children’s Hospital. My name’s Caroline. So I heard you’re coming
in for surgery soon. So this is my friend, Rachel. She’s coming in today. Some kids say they feel worried or scared. How do you feel, Rachel? – Well, I’m actually a little nervous. – That’s okay, you can
follow me and Rachel. That way you can see
everything that happens before you even get here. You ready, Rachel? – I think so. – Great, let’s go. And this is the first place you’ll go. It’s called the Beehive. – Why? Oh, I see, it does look like a beehive. – Yeah, and look, there
are even butterflies on the ceiling. – Oh, they’re pretty! – Let’s go tell the admissions lady hello. – Hi, how are you? – [Both Girls] Hi. – This must be Rachel. – Your parents or the person who looks after you will be with you. Rachel, where’s your mom? – She’s right over there. – Look honey, would you
like to read a book? – Mom, can I please watch t.v.? – Sure. – [Caroline] Pretty
soon, a nurse will come and get you both. She’ll check your weight, and your height. Next, you’ll go to another
room that has a bed in it. A nurse will come and wrap
this around your finger. It looks a little like a band-aid, but don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt. It just tells them how much
oxygen is in your blood. They’ll also check for
your blood pressure. It feels like a big hug on your arm. Around this time, someone may
come and give you a bracelet. It will have your name
and your birthday on it. People who come and talk
to you will look at it, and sometimes they will ask you to say your name and birthday as well. – March 1st, 1999. – So now you can choose
what you get to do. You can go out to the
Beehive, or look at the fish. – What’s their names? – That’s Puffer, that’s
Nemo, and that’s Ms.Vicky. Don’t you think it looks a
little bit like Ms. Vicky? (nurse laughs) Hey, do you wanna go check
out the Doctor’s Playroom? – Yeah! – A special hospital worker
called a child life specialist will come and talk to
you, she’s here to answer all of your questions and
to help you not worry. – Hi, I’m Julianne. – Hi, I’m Rachel. – This is the Doctor’s Playroom. This room looks a lot
like the Operating Room that you’re gonna go to later. The Operating Room is the room where the doctor’s gonna
help fix your body. – Can I sit on the bed? – Sure! – What are those things? – These are big lights that
the doctors use to see better. And this is medical equipment that you may see while you’re at the hospital. You can touch it or feel
it if you would like to. – And now it’s time to go back to the room with the bed in it. You’ll get special pajamas
that tie in the back. – Look mom, the bed has wheels. – That’s because you’re gonna go for a ride on it in just a little bit. – Okay. – Now, it’s time for your goofy juice. – What’s goofy juice? – It makes you goofy! – Can I have grape? – Sure, no problem. – The goofy juice can
make you feel very silly, so you should sit down on the bed. Soon, it will be time to
go for a ride on the bed. It will take you to another room. There, you will meet doctors, nurses, and a special doctor, an anesthesiologist. That’s a funny word, isn’t it? – Morning Rachel, hi, I’m Dr.
Strand, it’s nice to see you. – Hi. – Hi Rachel, I’m Dr. Starks. I’m one of the anesthesia
doctors who works here, and my job is to make it so that you go all the way asleep for your operation so that means you’re
not gonna feel anything. We’re going to use some
medicine that we call a gas but another neat way
of thinking about it is it’s like sleepy air, okay? What we’re gonna do though is not like going to sleep at your house at night, when you’re asleep, well let me back up. Do you have any dogs at your house? – There’s two. Maggie and Daisy. – Can you imagine what it would be like if Maggie and Daisy jumped
up, in your bed, at midnight and started licking
you all over your face? – I’d probably wake up. – Probably you would, but
you’re not gonna wake up in the middle of your operation. – How do I get my medicine? – That’s a great question,
we’re gonna use a mask just like this, and give you the medicine to breathe through that mask. See, it’s soft, doesn’t hurt. What do you think it smells like? – This smells like cherries. – While you’re in the special sleep, the doctors will fix your body. They work in a special fix-it room, called the Operating Room. – Rachel you can say
goodbye to your mom now, but you’ll see her right
away when you wake up. Would you like a movie to watch? – Sure. – [Caroline] The bed on wheels will take you to the fix-it room. And before you know it, it’s over, and the anesthesiologist gives
you medicine to wake you up. – Your surgery is all over. I’m so proud of you. – Some boys and girls
go home later that day, but some stay in the hospital. If you stay in the hospital,
you get your own room, and lots of toys to play with. (giggles) So Rachel, how do you feel? – You were right, I
didn’t need to be nervous. The doctors and nurses
here are really nice. – I’m so glad you feel better. If you have any questions, just ask. Until then, see you soon. – [Both Girls] Bye. (upbeat music) Medical City Children’s Hospital. 7777 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75230 mcchildrenshospital.com | 972-566-7111

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