What to Expect When Seeing a Fertility Specialist

The initial consultation with a fertility
specialist is going to be a pretty busy visit that first time. Generally you’ll meet with
a physician for about an hour, and they’re going to take a pretty detailed history — not
only of your fertility, but certainly just your general health for both you and your
partner if you have one. Generally, we’ll move on then to an ultrasound to take a look at both ovaries and uterus. And then finally, you’ll probably spend some
time with one of the nursing staff to discuss next steps from there. Generally, I find that
patients when they first present to us will have had at least a little bit of their evaluation performed already with their primary provider. But some people come to us not having any evaluation at all. Generally speaking you’ll have some degree of laboratory evaluation
that’s going to involve some hormones. Perhaps some prepregnancy labs to make sure you’re
sort of fit and ready to get pregnant. We also then will generally add a semen analysis,for a partner, if there is a partner that’s involved. And then some sort of evaluation
of the uterus or fallopian tubes so we know we have parts that are in working order. Generally, most of these tests can be done within a month’s time. And you’ll then sit back down with a physician again to review the results of testing. Once you’ve reviewed those results, it’s then that
you have a better sense for what your options really are. Sometimes you’ll find that the
physician recommends that you go back out on your own and try again for a little bit
longer. Otherwise, it may be that in the testing we found something that we can address specifically. And then finally, we’ll discuss some of the
interventions that we have available that will target specific problems that have been

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