What to Expect From Your Sports Medicine Surgery at Children’s Hospital Colorado

My adrenaline was rushing, so it didn’t
hurt that much at first. sound of a bat striking a ball, the close sounds of breathing and At first I was just mad, because I knew I
was done. My season was over. Hey, I’m ELICIA, and last year I had surgery at the Sports Medicine Center at Children’s
Hospital Colorado, just like you. A couple of days after I got hurt, I got an
MRI, The doctors at the Sports Medicine Center told me I had torn my ACL and my meniscus,
and I also had a partial tear of my MCL. They said I’d need surgery. On the day of my surgery, I wasn’t that
scared. Mostly I just wanted to begin the recovery
process. My nurse had me change into a hospital gown, and then took my blood pressure and temperature, and measured the oxygen in my blood. She/he also took my height and weight. Then I met with my surgeon. Hi, ELICIA. I’m Jay and I will repair your ACL today. And I hope to repair your meniscus too. The big thing we’re doing is the ACL reconstruction,
which is actually a tissue graft to replace the ligament. SURGEON
We’ll also evaluate your meniscus, SURGEON V.O.
and we hope we’ll be able to repair it. If not, we will remove the damaged portion. SURGEON
We will also look at your MCL, but this will heal on its own. SURGEON
I perform this procedure on a regular basis, so you’re in good hands. Some sort of editing transition here. Then I met my anesthesiologist ANESTHESIOLOGIST
Hey, ELICIA, I’m TESSA, and I’ll be your anesthesiologist. My job is to make you comfortable during the
procedure. So for this procedure you’ll be under general
anesthesia, which means you’ll be completely asleep the whole time. We’ll give you sleep medicine you’ll either
breathe in or get through an IV into your vein. Once you’re asleep, we’ll place a tube
in your throat to assist with your breathing during surgery. ANESTHESIOLOGIST
It’ll be gone by the time you wake up. ELICIA
Is there any chance I might, you know, wake up while you’re operating? You definitely won’t. I’ll be with you the entire time, ANESTHESIOLOGIST V.O.
monitoring you and giving you medicines to prevent an upset stomach and control your
pain. Depending on your surgery, Dr. Albright and
I may also decide to give you a nerve block to help with your pain. ANESTHESIOLOGIST
The nerve block usually lasts for 12 to 24 hours, and we might use it for continued pain
management after surgery. After the operation is over, I’ll take you
to the recovery room. That’s where you’ll wake up. When I woke up, it was a few hours later. I didn’t really hurt – not yet – but
I felt tired. Mostly I just wanted to go back to sleep. The recovery process wasn’t easy. I had to do nine months of physical therapy. I worked hard, and I got stronger. In fact, I’m even stronger now than I was
before. ELICIA
So, if you are committed to the rehabilitation process, you can be successful too.

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  1. Dr Albright is a great surgeon when he knows what he wants to do, He has done all 6 of my surgerys and unfortunately hasn't fixed the problem yet but hasn't given up on me but he keeps trying.

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