What to expect from your sleep test at Children’s Hospital Colorado

who hey guys this is alaya She is here to have a sleep study done. you’ll spend the night here the people here are really nice you
probably have a study done see doctors can learn more about how you sleep When you arrive at Children’s Colorado for your sleep test first you will check in at patient access desk. The person who brought you in will fill out some papers and then you both get bracelets this lets the people who work here know who you are at all times when
you’re ready to go to the Sleep Lab you take the glass elevators to the 4th
floor. That’s the Blue Floor! as soon as you get off the elevator turn
left and you see the Sleep Lab right away this is the waiting room you will stay here until someone comes to get you. this means it’s time to start getting
ready for your sleep test the first thing you do is meet a nurse or caregiver who will see her tall you are and how much you weigh this is your room that your bed we’ll sleep through the night and that’s
a couch it turns into a bed for the person who brought you so they can sleep in the room with you and those are all the machines at the Sleep Lab workers we use the information while you sleep what you get to your room and get settled
your caregiver will come in and help you get ready for the study this will take a few minutes but none of it will hurt at all.first you’re caregiver will check your blood pressure it feels like a tight hug on your arm
she will also check your temperature probably in your ear then you get to put on your pj’s and get ready for bed once you’re all ready for bed at your
caregiver will get you ready for the funky hat you need to wear you sleep first they measure your your head with a tape measure then she will put some marks on the head
with a marker see this washes off pretty easily the get it off with some cleaning gel and it
doesn’t even hurt and she’ll put gel in each electrode then she’ll put electrodes with colorful
wires on your head this is what an electrode looks like
this doesn’t hurt either after they put the electrodes on your
head and a few on your face looking they connect all the wires to a box then Then she will make his little hat they will
keep the wires on your head during the night she might also push a stretchy hat on your head instead of a wrap then your caregiver will put a sensor on your neck so they can tell if you snore during the night then she’ll put some stickers on you so
that they can check your heart rate while you sleep then she’ll put belts on your chest and stomach so they can watch you breathe then she will put two sensors on each leg so they can tell if you wiggle your legs a lot during the night. these stickers look like band-aids and they glow red at night but don’t
worry they never get hot. then most importantly she puts in this
little cleared tube that goes in your nose it’s called the
nasal cannula and it’s another way they watch you
breathing during the night it tickles but it never hurts finally she put to sensor over the cannula
and then you look like a ninja warrior ready to
take on the world and now it’s just about time for alaya
to go to bed see you can do the things you usually do
at home like using the bathroom and getting tucked in. the person who brought you can even
read you a book or two to help you fall asleep while you sleep the monitors will tell the
people in the Sleep Lab how you sleeping They will watch the monitors on the computer all night long I’ll in the morning your caregiver will wake you up she will
take your belts and cool hat off and then it will be time to go home Hey parents grandparents and guardians
you’re not done yet there are few things you should know too While the sleep study is going on and you are in the room You will have to put your cell phone on
silent and put away your computers and other electronics. This will keep things from interfering with
the monitors. Your cell phone can even disrupt the data in the study because the sensors can pick up the
phone signals. So if you need to call someone to go online you can come out to the waiting room you could take a shower here too if you want And now that you know all about your
sleep study at Children’s Colorado you’ll do great!

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  1. Had a sleep test done a few years ago, to see about my breathing at night, i have something called severe sleep apnea, i stop breathing about 103 times an hour when im sleeping

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