What to Expect at the Rose Medical Center Emergency Room

(acoustic guitar music) – [Narrator] Welcome, to the Rose Medical Center Emergency Room. This video will walk you through a little about what to expect
while you’re in our care here. First, you are in great hands. We have experienced
emergency doctors and nurses, who are specially trained
in emergency medicine. You may get visited by people in a variety of uniform colors. Here are some descriptions,
so you know who’s who. Doctors are in bright blue. Nurses are in a darker blue. Paramedics are in red. Transportation staff are in olive green. And other techs are in a wine color. Refer to the uniform chart
on the wall of your room to see these colors, as well as other staff you may encounter, and their scrub colors. You noticed that we put
a band on your wrist when you first arrived. This band will be used multiple ways during your time at Rose. Let’s check out what’s around the room, and in the nearby restroom. The whiteboard helps
facilitate communication between you and your care team, and is designed to keep you informed. The call light is the tool you’ll use to call the nurses station
when you need something, such as a blanket, water, or assistance getting to the restroom. The railings on the side of the bed are there to keep you
safe while you’re in bed. And you’ll use the restroom call cord if you need assistance while
you’re in the bathroom. Everyone who comes into your
room will clean their hands either by washing them
in the in-room sink, or by using the antibacterial
hand gel on the wall. A nurse will take your vital
signs, your heart rate, your temperature, your pulse,
your eyes, and your ears. Be sure to inform your nurse of all medications you are
taking, including supplements, as well as any medical conditions
we need to be aware of, such as high blood pressure, or diabetes, or if you have an implanted
device, such as a pacemaker. What sorts of tests might you experience? Well, it’s based on your
condition, and how you are feeling. The Rose Emergency Room
has state of the art tools to diagnose your condition. You may need an x-ray, which
is a picture of your bones, or a CAT scan, which is
a safe way to see images inside your body, where
you are feeling pain. You may need an MRI, which
uses a huge magnet and energy, to take pictures of the
inside of your body. Or you may need an ultrasound, which uses sound waves to create
pictures inside your body, such as in your abdomen. We also may need to run blood tests, which means taking a small vial of blood. We’ll make that as painless as possible. Your doctor may wait until
all the test results are in, to discuss the results with you. Our nurses will come by
frequently to check on you, and keep you as informed as possible. If you have a fracture or bad cut, you may get a splint,
or cast, or stitches. And if you are given any medications, we have a checks and balances system to ensure every patient
receives the right medication. We will scan your hospital wrist band to ensure we are with the right patient. And we will scan your medication, to ensure we’re giving
you the right medication, and the right amount. If your doctor’s examination, and the results of the tests we ran, indicate that you need additional care, we will recommend admitting
you to Rose Medical Center. If you are not admitted, that means we’ll discharge
you from the emergency room. But before you go home, your nurse will go over
detailed instructions with you, including, how to care
for yourself further once you leave the hospital, including medications or wound care, recommended follow up with a doctor, such as your primary care physician, or seeing a specialist,
who we’ll recommend. And if you don’t have a
primary care physician, we can recommend one, too. But we’ll also go over
symptoms to keep an eye on, that may indicate that you
should return to the ER, or call 911. And if you need to call 911, tell the ambulance to take you to Rose. We want you to feel better
as soon as possible. And we will call you within
48 hours after your visit to check on how you are feeling, and see if you have any questions. Please ask your nurse
or doctor any questions while you are here. And thank you for choosing
Rose Medical Center. (upbeat piano music)

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