What Life Is Like In A Nursing Home

– One. Two. (clapping) Three. Four. – [Woman] Good job.
– Five. – Six. My name is Eilat Nahum, I’m owner and administrator
of Beit Shalom. Beit Shalom basically mean house of peace, and it’s RCFE, residential
care facility for the elderly. – You see people that have
been professors at UCLA, doctors, pilots, and all of a sudden, they can’t walk, they forget their name, it’s hard to watch and to know that it’s just a matter of
time before I get there, before my mother gets there, before my grandmother gets there. It’s been a few years of
a lot of reality checks on a daily basis. So this second facility
is just down the block from our first place. – This house has been
a big blessing for us, my mother-in-law got very, very sick, and I wanted to bring her
here, so in order for me to bring her here, I
had to have a facility with the right staff,
with the right caregivers, and I got my license. Two weeks later, she passed away. So this is like the
memory of my mother-in-law and also it’s been a big
blessing for all of us. How are you, Mama? How is everything? – Most things are okay. – Good, good, I’m happy. – So basically, we have 24 clients, one of them is Elsie,
she does beads, flowers, and beautiful art. – This was my hobby of
making beaded flowers. – How long does it take
you to make one of these? – Oh, well… Some time. – Taking care of the
elderly is very rewarding, especially when they improve. Some of them come here
and they are quite frail and I see how they
progress and they actually become healthier, participate for– – How are you? (kisses) How is everything?
– Good. – We also have another
client, her name is Loella. When she first moved into
our place, she was not able to walk, or talk, or eat even. Now, thank God she’s eating,
walking, and talking. And she’s so happy. – What letter is this one? – What letter is that?
– [Man] H. – That’s right. And this one is?
– I. – In the afternoon, basically
we do bingo, puzzles, arts and craft, because
it’s very good for their cognitive skills. – Got a PhD and taught at Washington State and then UCLA, retired
professor from there. If you’re not used to living
in an institutional care, it’s adjustment, it would
be good to have more younger people have some experience
with facilities like this. – Can you put H back? Where’s H? No, no, no, don’t eat it. (laughs) – The challenge in this job,
it is when people decline. And they actually see
how they deteriorate, you find yourself being really helpless. – Let’s get them out and
then dinner going also. Today, they have a special treat. You gonna have dinner?
(speaks foreign language) Dinner! – I feel the elderly are neglected a lot by their own families,
and it’s sad because elderly kind of want to have
their own family around. – I have some family members
who don’t even visit, and that’s the sad part and
sometime we try to call them, to speak to them, they
don’t even answer the phone. – I haven’t been happy since my wife died, my daughter died, and my son
ran off with all the money. So, ain’t been too many happy days. – That’s one of the things,
it really hurt me deep inside. Just take the moment and
come and visit your parents. If it was the other way around, your parents would come and visit you. One parent can take care of 10 kids, 10 kids cannot take care of one parent. – When I was living on my own, I used to celebrate the holidays, and I would always call up
nursing homes and ask them to please send me a few of their people, so that their people could
then enjoy the holidays to their fullest and not
spend it lonely in a room by themselves. Please remember the elders,
because they have contributed so much to all of our lives. – I had a client and I’d ask him, “Sheldon, is there anything that you need, “do you want me to do anything for you, “is there any food you want
me to pick up for you,” and he said, “No, just please, if you
could come and talk to me. ” – One, two, three, four– (“This Little Light of Mine”) – Just visit your
grandparents, visit your aunt who’s 90 years old, who’s home
by herself with a caregiver, and have a conversation with
them, spend 10-15 minutes with them and you will
see how much they thrive. ♪ I’m gonna let it shine ♪ ♪ Everywhere I go, I’m
gonna let it shine ♪ – There is a beautiful, beautiful psalm in the book of Psalms,
which King David wrote, that says, in Hebrew, (speaks in foreign language) which translates to, “Don’t cast me away, at old age, and when I lose
my strength and my ability, don’t let me go.” And I live by that sentence,
it’s meant for our parents and for our loved ones, when they get old, to not throw them away,
to not cast them away, to not let go, but to be there for them, especially in the last
years of their lives, to nurture them, to take care of them, and when it’s your time, people
will do the same for you.

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  1. It just breaks my heart how some people don't visit their elder family members. Some may claim, "They don't have time." Oh, but there is time for social media, NFL game, soccer, Las Vegas, parties, etc. There are just excuses. It's not hard to call either.

  2. When my grandma got sick, I took care of her. I don’t know if I was the best caregiver, but I wouldn’t have ever put her in a nursing home. My family doesn’t believe it that because they worked in nursing homes. My grandma was a nurse and my mom a CNA. They worked mostly in the nursing homes and hated how families forgot their family, they suffered abuse, and were just depressed. A lot of people in the field help those who are nursing homes, but not everyone is like that and it leaves them living sad lives. I know not everyone has the ability or way to take care of their family members, but please don’t forget them.

  3. all these people saying their family members are mistreated in their homes are the same people who visit them for two hours on Christmas Eve, complain that they weren't ready in time or that their room is too hot, leave, and not show up again for six months. I see your grandma more than you do, I take the best care of her I possibly can, but I can't be everywhere at once when I'm the only nurse on a hall of 30 people. come see your family more like goddamn we try our best

  4. i really like this video, and i had a thought. You could maby do one of these in a fosterhome, i live in one and nobody knows what it is or how it feels =)

  5. This is pretty picture because cameras are rolling. I worked in a nursing home or ‘assisted living’ and the way are treated are not as good.
    1. They hired anyone. They have the proper training or will to be there.
    2. They don’t fire because they would be so understaff.
    3. The pay is awful
    This is more like a group home.

  6. If you want to help brighten the days of seniors and healthcare facilities, volunteers are always needed to visit, to help do crafts, etc. And another thing that is desperately needed is for entertainers to play at no cost or low cost. Often time entertainers will say they will play for you at a discounted cost and what they quote is way our of your league. Take out that flute from high school, practice and go play for a healthcare facility for 45 minutes. They would love it!!!!

  7. This brought tears to my eyes. It is true, we as a society neglect the elderly. They took care of us when we needed them, the least we could do is visit them. I will visit my Nana today, she is 90 and still lives at home.

  8. I feel like this is one of the fatal flaws in American culture. We just discard our elderly and largely ignore them. I don't know why so many Americans are so against intergenerational families. Other cultures do it, why can't we? It just makes me sad.

  9. Unfortunately, not every child gets the privilege of being able to be there 24/7 for their aging parents and sometimes assisted living or nursing home facility is the answer to provide best care possible for the elderly. I have volunteered at some very nice and some very terrible facilities. Good care is possible, but not when we as a society refuse to invest money and time in keeping up good care options for the elderly and keep close watch over these care providers.

  10. As much as possible PLEAAAAASE PLEAAAAASE PLEASE NEVER put your love ones in a nursing home. I worked in a nursing home when I was 17 because of financial problems and I couldn’t handle the abuse that I’ve witnessed. I rather be jobless than be involved in a very horrible abuse.

  11. Most people are feeling sorry for the elderly in the comment section and for some elderly they may deserve it and others don't. However in your sympathy people are missing one single point: You will be surprised at the number of these parents who only lived for themselves, were abusive, jealous, envious of their children or made living at home a living hell for their children for 20-30 years. Im not saying children shouldn't forgive, but we all get whats coming to us whether we like it or not. Everybody reaps what they sow, be careful the type of parent and spouse that you are.

  12. Ok sorry but DO NOT advertise this as what all nursing homes are like. I have been through many with my grandparents and most look more like a hospital than a caring facility.

  13. I'm very proud that my parents made the decision to move in with my grandma when her husband died. They changed jobs, sold their house and most of their belongings to go and live in her house to care for her so she didn't have to go to a nursing home yet. It was hard for all of us, especially since I was in college at the time and never got to go back to my old house, but making sure she feels loved is more important.

  14. Reading all these comments, I vow to never put my parents in a nursing home. I’m 20, studying, but my parents are in their 60s with health challenges already. I don’t know how, but i will give everything and work hard to let them spend their retirement on comfort and happiness, miles away from a nursing home.

  15. Unfortunately everyone here is spot on about the care in Nursing Homes these days and there are not many choices when it comes to taking care of the elderly.
    My mom is worried about it and she is 73, thankfully she functions on her own but if anything were to happen I would not be able to take her in and my options are limited.
    I'm worried too bc in this day and age we should have piece of mind our elders are taken care of and given support and love, we will ALL be there one day so why not change what's happening now and make them a better place!

  16. They often need as much care as a very young child and there is no one in the family who has the free time. The situation is the same in the nursing homes because the caretakers are overloaded with patients and have barely enough time to tend to physical needs with little left for those social and emotional ones. I have been through it with my mother and two older sisters and I will be next. I spent as much time with them as I could. If we live long enough we will come full circle back to childhood dependence. I am hoping I go fast. Meanwhile, enjoy every moment of health!

  17. Only one problem with this video, this organization is NOT a nursing home, it's a home health organization. A nursing home is a facility that the sick and elderly are moved to when they can no longer care for themselves. These people are living at home and are being taken care of by professional caretakers. BuzzFeed is so bad at journalism they can't even name their videos correctly.

  18. I worked at a Nursing Home for 6 months as A Certified Nursing Assistant. Buzzfeed found the nicest nursing home they can. Please reach out to me if you want to see a real Nursing home and what it’s really like with short staff being 1 18 year old responible for 13 adults expect to change, turn , feed, get ready for bed, hourly check each resident. You are absolutely not showing the whole picture.

  19. Having worked in multiple nursing homes I can guarantee that 99.9% of them are not at all as shown in this video. As others have said they are horribly understaffed, there is rampant elder abuse whether it's financial ,verbal physical, or negligence. It is appalling.
    I worked for a private nursing home that charged $6,000 a month for a basic room. One night we had a hospice patient pass away just before 9:00pm The owners of the nursing home had the family of a potential new reesident come in at 8 a.m. the next morning before any of the previous residents stuff had been moved out. The room literally still smelled like death and their main concern was getting another client.
    I was also a subcontractor for a private caregiving company and as not licensed CNA I was put in charge of a 200 plus pounds partially paralyzed Parkinson's patient who needed to be turned every 2 hours to avoid bed sores and my boss expected me to give him his medications. I was extremely uncomfortable doing that as he had a lot of meds and I was not qualified to give them. I quit 6 hours into a 12 hour shift.
    The care we give our elderly in this country is shameful and I will never let my parents enter a nursing home because of the things that I've seen.

  20. nursing homes are really not a good place at all, for the workers and he residents. my mom always worked long hours showering elderly, wiping their asses, changing their clothes , etc. and always had pains somewhere in her body.. some elderly arent even allowed to go outside and some try to escape, one even went missing recently and others made it far until they got found.

  21. Most Nursing Homes are Not like This.I worked in a Nursing Home The Residents were Dropped Abused and Quite a few were so depressed they ended up Dying….

  22. old people are my weakness I can't stand it when u hear news story a about workers abusing them. they can't fend for themselves.

  23. With all the money that these nursing homes are getting from the state and insurance companies there is no reason why they can't be employing staff at better wages and more people. It all boils down to pure greed!!

  24. I’m only ten but a few months ( or a year or so ago idk ) my grandma went crazy, she was driving to the store or something without her care giver and pulled over in the middle of no where every time I used to see her she would make ice cream and cake and bring me to the park

  25. I’ve worked in quite a few nursing homes and some were wonderful and coming back and seeing residents you use to take care of and remember you is such a rewarding feeling. I miss it so much and wonder from time to time how they are doing.

  26. I’m an EMT, if I ever get to to the point of needing a nursing home… shoot me. Trust me, none of them are like this. They’re horrible. Mistreated, forgotten etc.

  27. I remember when I was doing clinicals in a nursing home. It was so rewarding. I think I only saw one visitor on my entire floor. through the short time I was there I grew to love my residents and know exactly what they want for dinner how many sugars they take and I would talk when I had the time. o spend the weekends with my 95 and 72 grandma and great-grandma all the time, and try to urge my sisters and even my mom to come more often cause I just feel bad watching them think about them all the time while they are just an after thought to their grand children.

  28. My grandma was in a nursing home my grandma and my dad couldn’t take care of him 24/7 so we put him in a nursing home he had terrible dementia. My dad walks into his room he only has a diaper on wet laying on the floor he had fallen and had been their for and house with not help. My dad is a physical therapist and is good with elderly people so he lifted him up and put close on him. My dad immediately took him out of that hell hole and I feel terrible for other people there. He is happy now living in a house with my grandma and people come to take care of him at his house and we live super close to them so we visit them every day It helps my grandpa being at home not at a random place

  29. As a cna for the past 5 years I can’t begin to explain how heartbreaking it is to not see family visit not even on a birthday or holiday. What gets me angry is when they come just to eat and then quickly leave. Maybe they aren’t the person you remember but you still have the ability to be there for them.

  30. I used to volunteer at a nursing and it was such a humbling experience. When I heard one of my favorite lady died, I cried for days but yet I was so happy to that I’ve got to spend time with her and make her last days happy/memorable.

  31. "it takes one parents to look after ten kids but ten kids cant see one parent"….thats so true…love what yous are doing…thank you for your work…an hospitality…god bless…

  32. The child who puts their parents in nursing homes probably thinks they never getting old and won’t suffer the same fate….shame on them. Secondly, this video does not portray what a typical nursing home is REALLY like.

  33. Someone I know that used to work in a nursing home said that the men that are cleaned have their genitals aggressively handled and it’s like torture(for the patient, and for the person watching it happen) because they’re even expressing their pain.. There you go, people.

  34. 😢 fu** people who don't care about their elder family members like really do you wish to be in their own shoes

  35. I strongly believe that if you take care of your old mother or grand parents, your future children will do the same for you when it's your turn. The truth is nobody will escape the fact of being old, and losing most of your ability.

  36. The way to be certain your loved one is receiving good care is to visit often! When staff know you will be coming in they will take good care

  37. I come from a culture where family is essentially the most important part of your life, and I really do believe in that. You're family will always be a part of you, so to grow up and never even talk to your parents again is heartbreaking to me. Even now, my parents and I go to another country twice every year to visit my grandparents and other family members.

  38. Never never will my family ever be in a place like this! Horrible kids your parents take care of you for 20 years minimum and you can’t even take care of them in their time of need! Horrible heartless family members

  39. I worked at an assisted living and some residents would want to talk to me or could talk to me for hours all they want is someone to talk to. But I could never talk for long because of the other 30 residents that need care.

  40. For all you salty people in the comments, I work in a nursing home and it's a beautiful place for our residents to live. If you've had a negative experience then that sucks but not all nursing homes are bad.

  41. I understand that ppl may not have the time to fully care and tend to their loved ones, but at least make the effort to go into the nursing homes and spend quality time with them. It's the LEAST you can do. People need to remember that without your grandparents and parents, you would not be here on this Earth… So please show your respect and love. It breaks my heart into a million pieces seeing how family members don't even care 💔

  42. Your parents gave birth to you, payed for your education, gave up their personal lives for you, spent time looking after you teaching yoy how to walk and talk and being there everyday of your life. It's sad how one can forget all the sacrifices that parents, grandparents have ever made. People who leave their parents need to realize that they wouldn't exist and be where the are if it weren't for their parents.
    And to anyone who reads this, if you have the heart, go to such places with your friends and kids along with some gifts. Ive visited nursing homes since i was little and it has always been an amazing experience, just knowing that the smile on the face of these people are because of me. If their kids aren't there for them, the least we can do as a society is to visit them, talk to them, give them a sense of belonging so that they can live their last days in peace.

  43. That's why woman should not work outside of home, housewife is one of the best job in the world, but s**tty Americans think it's a backward job. Now deal with it.

  44. Approaching mid-2019, nursing homes in the southwest are filled to
    overflowing with elderly illegal aliens. In many cases, their "family
    members" (who offer no proof of being related) demand to live with them,
    threatening lawsuits if they are not allowed (based on their "cultural
    veneration of the elderly"). So local and state governments have to
    provide beds, food, etc.
    Further: DHS has no choice but to transport the overflow elsewhere in the country. Since all nursing homes and
    hospices receive federal $$, they cannot refuse.
    Decent people are so screwed.

  45. It's hard working in a nursing home. I only lasted less then a month. I couldn't stand the abuse and drama the place I worked for. I don't have time for that.

  46. This is more like what we would call a Care Home, has a small number of residents, and is family owned and operated. Nutritious meals served and the folks get to do some of their hobbies if they so desire (love the beaded flowers) This particular care home is located in Eilat, Israel, not in the U.S. it is good, though, that this administrator shared with us her care home, would like to see how the Standard of Care is met in nursing homes in general over there. (Staffing ratios and such.) Would like to see a documentary on a cross section of care homes here in the US just for comparison.

  47. I worked in a Nursing home as a CNA and from experience, I can report that the residents are nowhere near treated as well as these people are. I was terminated on suspected abuse and neglect unfairly because a patient had an accident on my watch. But the real source of neglect is when the patients are not fed good food, changed immediately after soiling their briefs, or even being bathed properly or with care. They only want respect and care and they don't get it which is very sad.

  48. I am never against nursing homes or facilities but it is painful to see the elderly without any relatives even taking some time to visit them. I made a promise to myself to never ever neglect my parents even if they become old and grumpy and moody. I love them so much and will look after them til the very end. ❤️


  50. I understand how heartbreaking it is for Children not to visit their parents in the Nursing Home, but who knows how their parents treated them growing up. maybe they put them through Hell! and were abusive. I've had clients that were absolutely horrible toward their family, then sweet hearts in the nursing Home. but Yes, I've also seen children not have anything to do with their parent(parents) after in the Nursing Home and had a great childhood. ya never know.

  51. putting people in a nursing home is like in the old days when families would lead their elder up into the mountain and leave them there.

  52. I've been complaining about how many people ignore their aged parents. Once people find a partner, thats the start of the nuclear family and the members of that family get most if not all the attention, not the parents. Also aging is not inevitable. It's getting a lot of experimentation. Follow Bil Faloon for his self experimentation. Also follow Gennady Stolyarov, Ira Pastor, Eternal Life Fan Club, Jose Cordeiro, James Strohle, raadfest and indefinite life extension.

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