100 thoughts on “What It’s Like to Be Incarcerated at Age 16 | Gateways

  1. Sad too say that boys in general Needing a father figure to show them how to be a man To give them advice Take him by the hand and hug and tell them that everything's gonna be OK.

  2. Young homie, good mindset, just caught up in that life. Sayin to guide the youth to a better path….i dint see skraps doin that, they want you to wear dirty white beaters and cut off shorts and run the streets because thats what being a "chicano" is, thats "raza"….
    Good for this youngster thinking correctly. Hopefully it aint to late for him.

  3. sad how he talks about his mother like a servant. MY MOTHER GAVE ME A LIFE, AND I WILL CHERISH IT, BUT I'LL EASILY DO 25 years sentence FOR MY MOTHER..

  4. Honestly at least Daniel has an expiration date(release date) some people don't dey got dem four letters LIFE dey ain't never coming home
    God bless em tho

  5. To hear from more young men like Daniel, and learn about the Gateways program that is working to pull youth out of the incarceration system, watch the documentary series here: https://youtu.be/RHdgkLtizxo

  6. This lil vato looks like a chicano sugafree..
    Poor lil vato i feel you
    I was locked up at 15.But i changed my life around.

  7. How could a judge can look in the mirror every morning after sentencing a 16 year old boy for 20 years is beyond me. This is our justice system people.

  8. 187 on this Chapete… I would have smoked this bitchass BUSTER for breakfast💀🔫 SOUTHERN MCFARLAND CALIFORNIA ON MINES 93250 SUR 3CE .:

  9. Hope your out soon. Love from the 509. Your the reason I respect my fellow man your a real 1 and they see it. Hope it only gets better for you bro.

  10. Breaks my heart !! How he’s mom can’t call & make a visit ??! But you knew that from the start so why put your mom through that !? 🇲🇽

  11. I can't watch this. I'm sorry I gotta give respect to those that made this video and those that participated in it. But I have grown up in Longview WA, and I have pretty much lived in incarceration. That's the American Life as a young minority adult. This video is the sad truth .

  12. This young man is smart. He can have a life of better when he gets out. He’s a college student making a chance for others. This is the kind of rehabilitation that should exist in all prison systems. For those that want this opportunity to better their brains and be constructive.

  13. I met Lil Listo aka daniel lol.. when I was leaving green hill in 2014 hes a hella funny homie and alwayz gotta positive attitude. And if u reading this bro itz ares from LR and i did what u told me 2 do for u when I got out hahah!

  14. I did 4 years in green hill andi was the vice president of the latino group .. it was a stressful environment lots of fighting a traps that get alot of kids loads more time … its a very predatory place where your ability to defend yourself is of the up most importance your going to fight so just take you body seriously get in shape or get hurt period

  15. Green Hill School Safety Officer said he would talk to my Program Manager because I did not know where the P drive was. That was after I volunteered to work in his unit after a staff had been shanked. The unit staff refused to come to work due to safety concerns that were not handled properly. It's no wonder staff have been quitting.

  16. This foo autistic AF he got assBurgers mayne- all of the Norteños do. In order to get jumped in you gotta be an Autistic Memer

  17. Bro just saw this and I’m from Yakima glad to be in school still having my moms cooking. This just gave me some weird feeling :/

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