what it’s like to be in a mental hospital | Mental Health Q&A

Hi guys! What’s up? It’s alexa (nothingness think i’m deaf) and last week i made a video that was extremely personal that was really really scary (that’s a lot of reallyH and um I did it! and it’s out there and there’s been so many good repsonses and I’m so thankful and I just cant thank you guys enough for all the love and support and it means a lot to me that it’s helped a lot of you guys so there was still kind of a lot of unanswered questions and people in the comments were leaving pretty much the same questions consistently but i still went to snapchat and I told everybody to send me questions because I felt like that was a safe place where really only I could see your user name it wasn’t like tweets on twitter or whatever I’ve already screenshotted some but I still have some to go through and just kind of rapid fire um but these are all pretty frequently asked and they’re all just kind of just following up on mental health and my mental health and my experiences in a mental rehabilitation center the first question is how did it feel telling your parents about your anxiety, depression, eating disorder, and how did they first react I think they kind of already knew because from a young age i had already kinda shown signs of depression and then, um, I don’t really think they knew how hard it was until i kind of told them how i was feeling um but they acted they were pretty supportive I know it really really made my mom super sad and it was really rough on her and my dad I think he felt pretty guilty for it but I mean they just never really shamed me for it and they’ve kinda always accepted me and I’m really lucky cuz I know a lot of people they mention that their parents kinda brush it off as like regular teenage stuff and even if it takes showing them one of my videos and saying that it’s not regular teenage stuff and typically when you go to a hospital especially if you wanna go to an outpatient program they will like answer your questions be able to tell if you’re just really sad after your boyfriend breaking up with you or if you really do need proper mental health care but if yours is at a point that you need to go to the hospital like you’ll know if it’s just regular teenage stuff and you should be able to tell your parents how you’re really feeling Basically, this girl is saying that she gets really bad panic attacks and that she’s never talked to a doctor about it and she doesn’t really know what a panic attack is A panic attack is linked to anxiety I’m not a doctor so I can’t really fully tell you Umm, but if you’re having consistent panic attacks I would tell your doctor and they can usually point you to a place that will help you Umm but, yeah, if you think you are you probably wanna go and get it checked out cause odds are you do have them and they’re the worst and i get them probably once a week and it’s absolutely awful How do you handle depression and anxiety when you have nobody to talk to? I have a therapist but talking to her isn’t enough I really don’t tell many of my friends about my, like,mental problems If i’m like going through something that is like actually rough and if i just like need a friend’s support I will, but typically I usually just up my therapy if I really need more uhh, it’s expensive, but I think your health is the best luxury you have umm, so if I feel like I need to see my therapist more because I had a really traumatic week or something has happened or I just feel like I need more support I would just go in there more I know that it’s not an option for everybody but your therapist is probably pretty open-minded about you coming to them more frequently because they really just wanna see you get better That’s why they go through med school and do everything because they’re people that find the brain interesting and they wanna help you Have you ever been on medication for your anxiety and depression? Do you feel like you’re less capable because the medication that I take makes it feel like a zombie I have been on tons of different medications And I know a lot of people are against it personally it has helped me a lot I’m not an advocate for being on medication because I think if you can work things out differently, it’s best to do that but i found that I need it I’m on medication right now I mentioned in the morning routine that the first thing I do is take medication in the morning so I don’t forget. It helps me enormously but there was a medication that I was taking where I was a zombie for a while so I guess figure out what works for you and you can usually work with your doctor and they will they will help! so… yeah What’s the worst part of being in a mental hospital? Um a lot of people mentioned that their hospital was really really traumatic and I didn’t realize that all center weren’t like mine I think the worst part is you just kind of just feel disconnected from the outside world which is also kind of the best part But when you get out, you’re like oh my god all this happened all this music came out, what’s going on? But that’s the other thing is like the whole thing was more or less pretty positive I didn’t like being a guinea pig to med students I thought that was really annoying but I feel fortunate that my program was as beneficial and caring as it was and I wasn’t in another program so I guess not all programs are created equally especially when you go to like a center that’s targeted toward staying for three months and it’s like you live in a house and everything it’s not like a hospital it’s like a retreat almost those are all very different and I’ve hear that some people have gone through horrible ones and some people have gone through life changing ones that felt more like a spa, so you have to do your research and figure out what’s best for you

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