what it’s like to be in a mental hospital | Mental Health Q&A

Hi guys! What’s up? It’s alexa (nothingness think i’m deaf) and last week i made a video that was extremely personal that was really really scary (that’s a lot of reallyH and um I did it! and it’s out there and there’s been so many good repsonses and I’m so thankful and I just cant thank you guys enough for all the love and support and it means a lot to me that it’s helped a lot of you guys so there was still kind of a lot of unanswered questions and people in the comments were leaving pretty much the same questions consistently but i still went to snapchat and I told everybody to send me questions because I felt like that was a safe place where really only I could see your user name it wasn’t like tweets on twitter or whatever I’ve already screenshotted some but I still have some to go through and just kind of rapid fire um but these are all pretty frequently asked and they’re all just kind of just following up on mental health and my mental health and my experiences in a mental rehabilitation center the first question is how did it feel telling your parents about your anxiety, depression, eating disorder, and how did they first react I think they kind of already knew because from a young age i had already kinda shown signs of depression and then, um, I don’t really think they knew how hard it was until i kind of told them how i was feeling um but they acted they were pretty supportive I know it really really made my mom super sad and it was really rough on her and my dad I think he felt pretty guilty for it but I mean they just never really shamed me for it and they’ve kinda always accepted me and I’m really lucky cuz I know a lot of people they mention that their parents kinda brush it off as like regular teenage stuff and even if it takes showing them one of my videos and saying that it’s not regular teenage stuff and typically when you go to a hospital especially if you wanna go to an outpatient program they will like answer your questions be able to tell if you’re just really sad after your boyfriend breaking up with you or if you really do need proper mental health care but if yours is at a point that you need to go to the hospital like you’ll know if it’s just regular teenage stuff and you should be able to tell your parents how you’re really feeling Basically, this girl is saying that she gets really bad panic attacks and that she’s never talked to a doctor about it and she doesn’t really know what a panic attack is A panic attack is linked to anxiety I’m not a doctor so I can’t really fully tell you Umm, but if you’re having consistent panic attacks I would tell your doctor and they can usually point you to a place that will help you Umm but, yeah, if you think you are you probably wanna go and get it checked out cause odds are you do have them and they’re the worst and i get them probably once a week and it’s absolutely awful How do you handle depression and anxiety when you have nobody to talk to? I have a therapist but talking to her isn’t enough I really don’t tell many of my friends about my, like,mental problems If i’m like going through something that is like actually rough and if i just like need a friend’s support I will, but typically I usually just up my therapy if I really need more uhh, it’s expensive, but I think your health is the best luxury you have umm, so if I feel like I need to see my therapist more because I had a really traumatic week or something has happened or I just feel like I need more support I would just go in there more I know that it’s not an option for everybody but your therapist is probably pretty open-minded about you coming to them more frequently because they really just wanna see you get better That’s why they go through med school and do everything because they’re people that find the brain interesting and they wanna help you Have you ever been on medication for your anxiety and depression? Do you feel like you’re less capable because the medication that I take makes it feel like a zombie I have been on tons of different medications And I know a lot of people are against it personally it has helped me a lot I’m not an advocate for being on medication because I think if you can work things out differently, it’s best to do that but i found that I need it I’m on medication right now I mentioned in the morning routine that the first thing I do is take medication in the morning so I don’t forget. It helps me enormously but there was a medication that I was taking where I was a zombie for a while so I guess figure out what works for you and you can usually work with your doctor and they will they will help! so… yeah What’s the worst part of being in a mental hospital? Um a lot of people mentioned that their hospital was really really traumatic and I didn’t realize that all center weren’t like mine I think the worst part is you just kind of just feel disconnected from the outside world which is also kind of the best part But when you get out, you’re like oh my god all this happened all this music came out, what’s going on? But that’s the other thing is like the whole thing was more or less pretty positive I didn’t like being a guinea pig to med students I thought that was really annoying but I feel fortunate that my program was as beneficial and caring as it was and I wasn’t in another program so I guess not all programs are created equally especially when you go to like a center that’s targeted toward staying for three months and it’s like you live in a house and everything it’s not like a hospital it’s like a retreat almost those are all very different and I’ve hear that some people have gone through horrible ones and some people have gone through life changing ones that felt more like a spa, so you have to do your research and figure out what’s best for you

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  1. my best friend just got sent off an hour ago. I texted her. When she stopped replying I knew she was there. She's in for depression and an eating disorder. Her mom thought it was best. she tried killing herself on Monday and told her counselor who told her mom. She expects to be in there for more than 30 days. She's my only friend and I have no idea what I'm going to do without her.

  2. These videos have inspired me to get help. After so many years of people telling me that depression and anxiety are only temporary, I know they are not. My parents tell me it's a phase, but if it's a phase then why have I been this way for 5 years? Thank you so much for helping me realize that I need to get help.

  3. I feel the need for myself to go to a mental hospital i have homicidal thoughts almost every day and i, for some reason, want to kill my mother. i cant feel emotions regularly aside from anger, indifference and sadness. i cant be calmed by anyone but myself. if people try to calm me i get angrier. I have to calm myself with pain or i need to cry. i cant naturally walk with my foot flat due to a sensory disorder also, i probably have psycosis. im 14 and i have dreams of killing people. i want to be a detective as an adult but i keep needing to fight the urge to kill people. im not one to say what i feel ive always dealt with things by myself but i have very low self restraint. i would go to a mental hospital but my family doesnt have enough money to pay for it

  4. I am so happy that you make videos about this topic. you are such a role model and I'm so glad that you talk about this.

  5. I also have depression and anxity (cant spell) but my pareants dont care my mum took me to a place called headspace but about my eating i eat to much

  6. Hey just stopping by, my mom made suicidal claims and the police came to my parents house and took her to a mental hospital.. so yea

  7. Thank you for sharing your mental health experiences. It helps make it easier for others to hear someone else talking about something similar to their life. I am the same when I’m having a panic attack – don’t want to be touched. My husband is great and knows exactly what to do to help me – reminds me to breath slow and deep.

  8. You, my lady, are so brave. So many people, myself included, deal with mental illness. Therapy and medication management are a great team if you find the therapy alone doesn't help. I was in a treatment center for my ptsd and the super fun conflicting emotions that come with that and it really normalized it and helped me reframe how I thought about my own condition. I know I'm a couple of years late on this and I'm not sure how I got here, but I'm really glad I did. Thank you. 🙂

  9. Lots of Saphris and Lithium baby lol. Thats been the norm for me for years now😏 im like you i need my meds

  10. Omg, you look like a combination of Sasha Pierse and Sabrina Carpenter, I love it😍❤, also I think I spelled Sasha's last name wrong, but…

  11. Hey how do you help people going through similar things like yourself? bc sometimes when my friend tells me things I feel really hypocritical when I tell her to do things to get better knowing exactely that I domt do them.. :/

  12. Hey gal your lucky nobody tried to rape you what I mean by that is the male nurses filthy degenerative scum bags the lot considering my experience of this thing on the outside girls try to make themselves look pretty but on the inside the opposite applies

  13. The staff at my first open unit physically restrained me, took ALL of my clothes off and put me into a seclusion gown for my own safety. That was my worst part of being in hospital😖

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  15. I have severe anxiety and ADD so I get panic attacks and can't focus on anything but that and it is terrible

  16. To the person who said they are scared to get help from the lack of financial support, there is a lot of financial aid help out there. When I went to get help and ended up having to go to the ER and then going through a psychiatric facility I didn’t seek help until almost the last minute that is what I was worried most about and what held me back from getting help earlier. After being treated, the hospital helped me with financial aid assistance and finding an affordable therapist and psychiatrist. Also later i found out that my community college offered free short term therapy sessions for students as well as my community park district. I am also aware now that there are organizations out there who do free group therapy’s for people who struggle with mental health issues. So please don’t let a financial crisis stop you from seeking the help you need. There are plenty of resources and people who are there to help you and some people’s jobs are just that, to make sure that is not a problem for you and me.

  17. Hey Alexa,

    I don't know if you'll see this but I just have this constant feeling of feeling sad when I have no issues.. I've been to mental hospitals several times and I know that it's depression. I just don't know how to make it go away? I take medication and have therapy but I can't really feel happy. Sometimes I feel things that I know are dangerous to myself and others but I don't want to go get help again because I don't want to disappoint anyone. And I stuff my emotions when I know it isn't okay, and talking to my therapist doesn't really help me deal with these issues.. I guess I'm asking what should I do? Should I seek help to get.. better? Even after being in so many..

  18. I went in to a mental/behavioral hospital which is a HORRIBLE combination because you have the jail kids and depressed kids mixed together. There was a lot of bullying and fighting there. Hopefully never going back. Might make my first video talking bout it.. dunno.

  19. They don't want to help anyone,they want your money,and they love the power they have over people's lives.drugs don't help anyone they destroy them,they use the drugs to keep people complacent.the only cure is to face your problems and accept them, psychologists and psychiatrists are nothing more than greedy power hungry intelligence collecting drug pushers.they aid societies in removing and destroying anything or anyone who thinks,speaks,or feels different than what the status quo want them or it to be.

  20. One of the fundamentals of good mental health is making sure your brain is well nourished. There is a strong link between what you consume(or dont consume) and mental issues. To have a biologically healthy brain is something that can go a long way towards mental health. Ive seen this over and over, people come in with mental issues and upon investigation into their eating habits it turns out that they ate a lot of gluten, processed foods or drank alcohol or even took drugs. Before you allow yourself any diagnosis make sure that first and foremost you look at what you eat(or dont eat). It can make all the difference. A diet composed of real, unprocessed whole foods. Knock gluten and alcohol on the head and take supplements that are proven to foster a healthy brain, such as B12, Folate, B6, Vitamin D3, cysteine, aswell as a good strong multivitamin. Nourishing your brain properly makes a huge difference.

  21. I have depression and anxiety and a few other things. After my 4th suicide attempt I told my mom I wanted to go to therapy. She told me ok but never took me. I just had my 14th suicide attempt on the 4th of July and my mom has no idea…

  22. If you have anxiety problems or any other similar thing you just need some yoga, meditation and a healthy diet. Anxiety means that your chackras( the main energy points of your body) are blocked and you just need to unblock them☺ But if u want to be labelled as a crazy person, if u want to say about yourself that you got a mental illness and you want to take pills that make u feel like a zombi that.s your choice
    Good luck!

  23. The fact that a young person is out here using youtube to help spread mental health awareness instead of just money is pretty cool

  24. I don’t trust my parents or friends with my issues, so I am just going to tell my doctor soon. I am only four years late of not telling anyone.

    And people who have been restrained after violently being taken down are also traumatized by being grabbed by people or being secluded from being put in an isolation unit and other things.

  25. I want to check my self in somewhere it’s been so many years dealing whit things I keep smoking weed to help me get by what should I do??

  26. If you are reading this please thumbs up so she sees. Alexa I don’t have access to another form of social media. I would love to see a video on how you and your family chose a good facility for you. I am going to check myself into an inpatient depression program.

  27. Yk.. my mom AND therapist brush it off as teenage stuff and she always makes me feel like I’m stupid and I don’t even need therapy bc of "hormones" . I’ve ben to a mental hospital recently and it didn’t help. Any suggestions?

  28. Thank you so much for this video! I always wondered how it’s like in a mental hospital and if it really helps or not.
    I am going to therapy since about a year now, I went to a different therapist before but I changed since I wasn’t really able to connect and work together with that therapist.

    My parents still kind of ignore me having mental problems and just behave like I’m just in a ‘teenage phase’.
    Except for my therapist I have no one to talk to about my mental issues and I’m even getting problems with talkinging about stuff with my therapist now and I don’t exactly know why.

    My therapist also never gave any of us a diagnosis of what I actually have now and I don’t really have a feeling that my mental state is getting better, in fact it got worse as the year progressed.
    I don’t really feel like I’m getting the right treatment and I don’t know with who I should talk about it.

  29. My house was like a mental hospital until I opened the door and told the crazy bitch to get out.

  30. The mental heath hospitals in my area are known for being absolutely terrible and I’m so afraid because the possibility of me going has been drawing closer and closer and closer and closer

  31. I’ve been cutting for around 1 1/2 years and I don’t wanna tell my mum cuz I’m scared of what she’ll think and I really don’t wanna go to a GP

  32. AWESOME VIDEO!! Are you struggling with mental health, addiction, or self love issues? Subscribe to my channel and check out my very first video! Take a journey with me guys! <3 xoxoxox

  33. The LAST people who should be telling you it’s just regular teenage stuff and to get over yourself are friends and family. I feel for anyone in that situation and am so grateful to have the loving supportive family I do.

  34. My best friend who I’ve known since we were basically in diapers has depression as well and we help each other out. Talking your best friend down from blowing his brains out is, needless to say a shitty experience, but I am so grateful to have this dude in my life. Other than that, I haven’t really told any of my other friends, not even my college roommate, though I’d be surprised if some of them didn’t figure out something was up.

  35. Great. Thanks for sharing. Psychiatirst are important to health care. There is a God who gave his only begotten Son named Jesus. Jesus Spirit is the Holy spirit. God gave himself as a offering for sin for all mankind. Not just for sin but for any condition that is illness. Getting to the point. When you accept Jesus as your God and savior. He will be your Counselor and Psychiatrist. Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. & Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. God is so into mental Health because he created it.

  36. You may never see this, and that’s ok but I thought I would just put it out there that this video alone gave the courage to go get the help I really needed. Thank you.

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