What is Urology?

(cello music) – As a urologist, we
treat several disorders both in men, women and children. Some doctors don’t treat children, we treat children as well. The majority of patients that come in for urologic conditions, 50% are men, probably 40% are women,
and 10% are children. In men, we treat prostate cancer, kidney cancer, men’s erectile
disfunction disorders and testicular conditions. In females we treat stress incontinence, and all the malignancies
associated that women can get which include kidney
cancer, bladder cancer as well as adrenal cancer. The children that we treat, typically we treat the conditions that are able to be treated as an outpatient. All of the very difficult cases we would refer into Children’s Hospital. The conditions that we treat typically are ureteropelvic junction
obstruction problems which are a congenital
stricture of the kidney. We also treat hypospadias which are the disorders
of the tip of the penis which the opening has formed further down the shaft of the penis and we can correct that. We also do circumcisions, as
well as undescended testicles and hernia and hydrocele repairs. (cello music)

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