What is Urinary Incontinence?

Well urinary incontinence in
women is really quite common. In fact, about a third of women that are
forty years or older will experience urine leakage and that
goes up to about 50 percent in women that are sixty years or older.
It’s helpful to understand that there’s a couple different types of incontinence the two most common ones and women are
what we call stress incontinence and urgency incontinence. The stress
incontinence is a leakage that happens with any kind exertion so women will complain of leaks when
they cough, laugh, sneeze, when they try to exercise, or
sometimes when they’re just trying to walk briskly. Urgency incontinence on the other hand
is leaks that is accompanied by a strong urge often a feeling, out of the
blue, need to go empty their bladder and it’s
really hard to defer that urge and though often leak on the way to the

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