What is Restoration2.0?

Howdy y’all, Andy McCabe here. Just had a great conversation with a coal
restoration guy out of North Carolina. He reached out to me via LinkedIn, gave me
his phone number, and said, “I don’t know what’s going on with you, but let’s have a
conversation.” I said, “All right. I’m gonna call this dude. I’m gonna call this cat. See what’s up.” He brought up a point that I think needs to
be made, so here’s my first video from my new ride. You like the leather? Andy McCabe Claims Delegates, by the way. So what am I trying to do here? What is restoration 2.0? Am I just out to make a dollar? Well, let’s answer that question right now. I am $2,500 in the hole on this experiment
we’re doing here, because I had to pay for a deposit on a hotel for the event space we’re
having in Bend, Oregon in September. Fourth weekend in September now, if we can
get the dates right. Oh, and I’m out a few dollars here or there
for some graphics, and I’m out a whole lot of time just putting energy out there. Setting up Facebook and LinkedIn groups, having
video conferences with the leaders of the next generation of this industry. So how am I going to make money on this shit? I don’t know. That answers the question. I’m not making any money on this. So what am I doing? Do I really want change? Yes. That is what I am about. This guy couldn’t understand how a public
adjuster could want change like this. I had to stop him; I said, “I’m not a PA. I have a adjuster’s license. I write estimates for homeowners. But I also write estimates for insurance companies. I adjust claims for insurance companies. I run appraisals for contractors. I write estimates for contractors. I shouldn’t exist, but I do.” He said, “How can you afford to stick your
neck out there like that?” And I said, “I’m not out there.” I’m not part of the industry, really. I’m in a support function. I don’t run a contracting company. I’m not at any programs. I don’t owe any allegiances to anyone. Anyone. I turned 42 years old this year. I am out of fucks to give, and I am sick and
tired of how this industry operates. So that’s what I’m about. I’m about change. Positive change. Unifying change. You see, unless we come together and start
making rules and making lines that we will refuse to cross … Like, “No, I will not
give free estimates to you, Mr. Adjuster, just so you can low ball my competition. Because guess what? They’re no longer my competition. They’re part of my community, all right? You flew in in your cat airplane from god
knows where. Guess what? I got to live with this cat for the whole
rest of the year. You know what? And we’re gonna see each other at the supermarket,
and I want to be able to look him in the eye and shake his hand. If I come in and low ball this estimate for
free, I can’t do that. I can’t look him in the eye.” You know what? I’m about integrity. I’m about doing things where I can sleep good
at night. I’m about doing things that I can make a profit. I’m not ashamed of that. Neither should you. So yeah, I want change. I want a playbook that we’re all reading from. You know what the Republicans do better than
any other political party, agree with them or not? They’re all speaking the same talking points. No matter what press conference is going on
in a given week, no matter who is leading that press conference, if they’re a Republican
they’re in the party line, bro. They are talking the talking points. That’s all I’m looking for. No free estimates. Charge market rates. Don’t negotiate invoices. Don’t talk directly to insurance companies
without your client, the insured, present. Open communication. Open playbook. Guess what? People are afraid to share their price lists. It’s freaking Xactimate, dude. There’s no secrets there. Don’t be scared, and don’t be silly. Don’t be kidding yourself that your Xactimate
price list is somehow “Proprietary.” Guess what? When Home Depot decides to transform their
install subcontractor network into a restoration network, do you think they’re going to give
two shits about Xactimate? You think they’re going to give a rat’s ass
about what State Farm says they can and cannot do? No. They’re going to come in the market and blow
it up. It’s just a matter of time. So why do you want to be on the program side
Tiny Tim and, “Please, sir, may I have another?” instead of controlling your own destiny and
coming together as a community of contractors? Because guess what? There’s never enough. Mother Nature has given us those signs. All right? We keep having 100 year events at 3 year intervals. There’s never going to be enough restoration
contractors. So why fight amongst yourselves? Just concentrate on you. Stay in your lane. Be the best you you can be, and the work will
be there. The money will be there. Then it’s up to you not to give it away just
because some adjuster asks you to do it. All right, think I covered it all there. See y’all.

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