What is Medical Ultrasound?

Medical Ultrasound, or Sonography, is an imaging
technology that uses high frequency sound waves to see inside the body. A device called
a transducer is used to produce and direct these sound waves to various regions of the
body. Ultrasound’s diagnostic uses are separated
into two categories: anatomical and functional. Anatomical ultrasound is used to produce images
of individual structures inside the body. Functional ultrasound builds on this, measuring
things like the movement and speed of blood and tissue or the softness or hardness of
tissue. This helps doctors see changes in function within a body structure or organ. Ultrasound can also be used as a therapy to
treat a variety of medical conditions. For example, physicians can apply special types
of ultrasonic sound waves to modify or destroy tissue. They can also dissolve blood clots
and help to deliver drugs non-invasively to specific locations in the body. High intensity
Ultrasound can even be used to target and destroy tumors without invasive surgery. Because
of its diverse uses, safety, and relatively low cost, ultrasound is increasingly used
in diagnostic and therapeutic medicine.

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