What is Medical Administration? [Simple Summary]

Hi, I’m Allie Gray Freeland, and I am the
host of Rasmussen College’s newest series, “What Should I Do with My Life?” So in this series, we’ll talk about key career and educational paths in health
sciences. So today I’m here with Lorrie Laurin, who is the director of the School
of Health Sciences. All right, so let’s get down to basics. What exactly is medical administration? Well, easy to be confused about what is
medical administration. What that really entails is really the the inner-workings,
the foundation of what all of healthcare is built on. So people who work in
medical administration really are the the network in which everything else
builds on. So they are the people who are scheduling, who greet, who work with
billing, who make sure a patient’s file is correct, help establish those — work
with— they can work with electronic medical records. So everything that’s
done on that administrative side. So not in actual direct patient care, but on the
administrative side of keeping the wheels of healthcare going. That’s really
what someone in that career area is going to be involved with. Okay, all right.
Can you describe for us the growth in medical administrative job opportunities?
Well, I think the the thing we need to recognize is the healthcare industry is
growing. The job opportunities in almost all areas of healthcare are
growing at at a rate that surpasses most other industries, if not all.
The interesting thing about the career opportunities for a Medical
Administration graduate is that because of the diversity, they get to take into
the growth in so many different areas, so we all know that there’s a lot of growth
in, for instance, medical coding. They have a full suite of the Coding courses that
they would need to go out, and they could work as a coder. There’s growth in,
for instance, just the need for administrative assistants with the skill
set to work in healthcare. Tremendous growth in that, so that they can go and
work in that career opportunity if they would choose. So it’s difficult to
pinpoint the growth for that career because of the diversity of the career.
But in general, tremendous growth in healthcare right now, so that’s a great
opportunity for anyone who has an interest in those front-office skills —
that administrative skill. It’s a great industry to go into. And so it’s a specific skill set for the industry. But if it’s something you like doing, if
you love that kind of detail, you’ll love that type of work experience, it’s a
great industry to focus on. It’s great. Yeah, thank you for sharing that. So I
think, Lorrie, that just about wraps up our series today about the career and
educational opportunities for medical administration. So thank you again for
being there; thanks for having me. For all of you who want more information about this awesome career path, you can visit rasmussen.edu, and thanks a lot.

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