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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
today I’m gonna show you what’s in my hospital bag what I will bring for my baby I put it in this luggage bag so what’s in here is the baby’s stuff and also the things that I’m bringing for my support
person which is John okay so hold on guys
so yeah, just open it up i will show you guys okay so in this side all of this things are for the baby and in this side it’s a small bag for john okay? so on john’s pouch which is small he has
inside okay a bag of snacks okay it’s a must, it is good when I am in labor, he has snacks, he has cereals or energen he has coffee, candies, teas and sky flakes and then we also have his very
own slippers this is the one from diamond hotel, this is free from the hotel so that after the baby is born, he will feel comfortable also packed for John, the toiletries cause is not just me
so inside, he has head and shoulders sachet of shampoo, shaving cream it also has toothpaste toothbrush
his toothpaste is sensodyne toothpaste razor kit with shaving shaving cream
it is also free from diamond hotel and then he also has shampoo and gel, and he has cotton buds so I already separate his things so he’s very well taken
cared of and then I have here a pouch of coins
for the vending machines so he can use it to buy from the vending machines, it has some paperbills like 20 pesos and something like that. in here, he also has mini tumbler and some cutleries I also packed some of it. because I don’t have any plastics so i use this something to eat or something he need while in the hospital and then change of clothes underwear t-shirt and shorts so
that’s what’s inside of his pouch bag so here in this mini bag let’s see so im gonna show this to you first guys this this Uniqlo onesies
that i got from the event gonna bring them cuz they’re in the size
newborn, and it’s easier for babies to wear them so I have I’m going to bring two two of
those newborn sizes okay and I also am gonna bring frog suit this
small frog suit cause gonna bring several sizes I don’t know
how big my baby is and then this other one, it’s also a frog suit altho a little bit bigger is it bigger or smaller? all i know it comes in different sizes, so this gray one is a bit smaller so a small frogsuit and a big frogsuit and I’m also gonna bring for him these tie side shirt this is the traditional one that we have in the philippines so it is 0 to 3 months tie side shirt two of these and then pajama pajama to be partnered with the tie side shirt so yeah. and also gonna bring this it’s like a hoodie frog suit i don’t know if im gonna be using this well just in case my baby doesn’t have anything to wear right? and I’m gonna bring some
swaddles 2 types of swaddles this one is velcro one this is a smallest
one that I have swaddleme so yeah it’s something to tie the baby with to make the baby feels like their still inside the womb and I’m also gonna bring this version of a
swaddle it’s called the swaddle pod this this one has zippers put the baby inside and then he will feel secure and tight if he’s inside this thing so yeah 2 swaddles and I’m also gonna bring Cloth diapers. it is very useful very I don’t know so many uses like burping lampin, nursing lampin i have 4 4 lampin and I have a receiving blanket this is
the one that has hoodie at the top it has hood at the top, so this is receiving or the the towelet blanket for him like this it is big and then I’m gonna bring muslin clots
then also can be used as a receiving blanket I really love this thing it’s really soft the pink one is for me this is gonna be
used as a nursing cover once i do nursing now so this is the nursing cover
you can also use this while the baby is drinking milk two muslin banquettes one for baby and one
for me and inside I have just some cotton buds
a cotton balls and nappy cream from human nature and I have wet wipes this
for baby also I use this for mommy to remove the makeup or what not, refresh,wipe your face, this is very multi-use I have a small bottle
this one is from tommee Tippee b just in case that the milk still hasn’t comes out yet. the hospital milk, it comes from donation donation of breast milk so some of the moms
they can donate and I can put it here and I will help baby to have food if ever i can’t produce milk for his clothes we still have more, it is inside this cup, everything that is tiny so he has this big cap and a smaller
cap okay I think the hospital won’t provide caps so it’s important that you bring this I have the mittens 2 mittens 2 booties i think I only put 1. 1 booties big kiss 2 big kiss all these things we put it inside this big hat so that we can sort it easy and of course I have diapers
I’m sure that the hospitals has this but I just bring mine, on the way
home or just in case we need one pairs of diapers so that’s it that’s
all for baby stuff and daddies stuff and I hope that you guys learn from this
video if I forgot something comments down below let me know who If i forgot something and also make sure that you like this video if you did
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