What is Case Management? | Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital

Hello, my name’s Debbie DeWitt, and I’d like to discuss case management and the roles of a case manager. What is a case manager? A case manager is a leader who each day assumes
many roles; a facilitator, an educator, patient family advocate. Most patient and family that makes for this
would be positive family outcomes. Discharge planning, which a case manager does,
begins on admission. A case manager looks, evaluates family support,
what the patient needs in reference to DME, Durable Medical Equipment, is there anything they need prior to when they came in and you know, when they’re ready to go home. Home health services —
have they had home health in the past? Home health services include physical therapy,
occupational, speech, so forth, maybe they need a nurse for continued IV antibiotics
or wound care. Outpatient services; we here at SKY Rehab
have outpatient services, including physical therapy, speech, occupational therapy, dry needling, aquatic therapy, and pulmonary therapy. These are all things that patients and their families can benefit from once leaving SKY Rehab Hospital. We do meet on weekly basis, a lot of this is recommendation by the team members. These team members include the RN,
the physician, the dietician, the therapy team, nursing, and case management. What we’ll do is assess the goals of the patient;
are they progressing to where they need to be, or maybe they need a little bit more time, as is. Each individualized patient has an individualized
discharge plan of care. This, in conjunction with concerns as far
as patients, helping each of their individual needs. So, going back to what is a case manager? A case manager would be someone that is a
leader, a patient advocate, an educator, a facilitator. Case management in a nutshell would be, “The leader that helps lead the way for our patients.”

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