What is Atorvastatin? | Atorvastatin Side Effects | What is Cholesterol? | Treating High Cholesterol

Today we’re talking about Atorvastatin which is a statin, the clue’s sort of in the name. Atorvastatin is really helpful for people when their cholesterol level is too high and
we need to get that under control. What is cholesterol? Well cholesterol is a substance that the body makes and it’s a vital part of every cell membrane and it’s a useful building block
for things like Vitamin D. So we need it. But we need
the right amount in the right places. Cholesterol is carried around in the blood
in tiny little balloons made of fat and protein and the sort of fat that you’ve
got in your diet helps to make sure that you’ve got the right
kind of balloons carrying things around. We want as much cholesterol as possible to go in the good cholesterol which is HDL It’s high density, it isn’t going to burst
so easily on the way around the body and so the more avocados, olive oils, oily
fish that sort of thing that you eat, great. If your diet is really high in red meat,
dairy, those sorts of fats there’s going to be a tendency for your body to make less study balloons that can burst and that means that the cholesterol is going to fall out and it can clog your arteries as it goes around. To demonstrate cholesterol
I’ve got confetti filled balloons. The confetti is cholesterol
and the balloons are the little bubbles that carry it around in your body,
in the bloodstream. On this side it’s good cholesterol, they’re
small, they’re firm, they’re less likely to burst On this side, it’s bad cholesterol So over a lifetime lots more of these
are likely at some stage to burst and that leads to the cholesterol
clogging up your arteries. So we’ve got safety pins, and
we try to burst those ones all fine, and Cholesterol. There’s loads more info on
Atorvastatin, on healthy eating all sorts of stuff like that from trusted NHS sources, so check out the links and see you next time.

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