What is Acute Rehabilitation?

What is Acute Rehabilitation? Burke is an acute rehabilitation hospital.
Patients are admitted who have a traumatic injury, debilitating disease or following
certain types of surgery. Acute Rehabilitation is appropriate for patients who will benefit
from an intensive, multidisciplinary rehabilitation program. Patients receive physical, occupational and
speech therapy as needed and are medically managed by specially trained physicians. There
is an attending physician on site 24 hours a day to manage the medical aspects of each
patient’s care. For patients with neurological diagnoses,
a neuropsychologist is on staff to determine if they are in need of additional psychological
or psychiatric treatment. In an acute rehabilitation hospital, the patient is expected to make
significant functional gains and medical improvement within a reasonable time frame. Patients receive a minimum of three hours
of therapy per day, up to six days a week. Therapy is provided on both a one to one and
group basis, depending on the needs of the individual patient. Additional services such
as respiratory therapy and therapeutic recreation programs are also available for patients during
their rehabilitation. What is Sub Acute Rehabilitation? Sub acute level care is less intensive than
acute rehabilitation. Although a combination of physical, occupational and speech therapy
may be provided in the sub acute setting, the number of hours each patient receives
is lower. Generally, patients in a sub acute facility only receive between one and two
hours of therapy per day. The average length of stay at a sub acute facility is also generally
longer than at an acute hospital. For patients who are not appropriate candidates for acute
rehabilitation, Burke offers a network of affiliated sub acute facilities that offer
Burke trained physical, occupational and speech therapists. For more information about acute rehabilitation,
go to Burke.org.

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