What is a Pessary?

This is a common style of pessary that we use. It has a firm outer rim and in the
middle has a membrane. The pessary just folds in half, slips
into the vagina, the vaginal side walls are what actually
hold it in place, and then the urethra now has a firm surface to close on when there’s that exertion,
like the cough the laugh, or the sneeze that’s causing the
leak, the urethra can now close tightly against this firm surface. When this pessary isn’t enough to help stop the leaks we have another type of pessary that’s similar. It has a little bit more of a dish form to
it and it has a little higher profile for
the urethra so sometimes when this first pessary
hasn’t been enough this other one with a little higher
profile will help stop the leaks as the urethra presses down on it.

2 thoughts on “What is a Pessary?

  1. Thank you for this very informative video. We need more doctors that can, and will recommend pelvic PT, and the pessary – before jumping to surgery. So many women are not told all the risks of surgery – especially if it involved surgical mesh (tape, slings, etc.). We also need more doctors that can, and will do surgery without mesh when surgery is warranted. If you are
    one, or know of one, please let me know. Thank you.

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