What Is a Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC) Hospital and How Does It Help Patients?

When you go to the hospital, your care
team’s main goals are to diagnose your condition and help you get well enough
to return home. But sometimes a quick recovery is impossible, and you may need
extended, specialized care to continue recovery and get back to your life.
Kindred’s Transitional Care Hospitals are designed for patients who need intense
treatment for an extended period of time. Our patients typically arrive from the
intensive or critical care unit of a traditional hospital because they no
longer require the full variety of tests and procedures of these units, but still
need a higher level of care and expertise. Often our patients at Kindred
Transitional Care Hospitals have several medical conditions at once, and require
treatment and therapy that is more intense and complex than can be provided in other settings, such as nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities. Learn more
about Kindred Hospitals by visiting us online or by calling 1.866.KINDRED.

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