What is a Clinical Neuropsychologist? | Southern Kentucky Rehabilitation Hospital

My name is Dr. Greg Perri, I’m a clinical neuropsychologist practicing at Southern Kentucky Rehab Hospital. What is a clinical neuropsychologist? I’m a clinical psychologist that received
additional training in the field of brain behavior relationships. So during my initial training I focused on
neuroanatomy and neuropathology, learning about parts of the brain and what behaviors
they govern and control. Here at SKY my focus is working with patients
who have had any type of acquired brain injury, so that would include strokes, traumatic brain
injuries, anoxic brain injuries and the like. We see patients that have a wide degree of
brain behavior change as a result of these disorders. My primary role is assessing and evaluating
the changes in cognition, as well as emotion, that can come about as a result of these acquired brain injuries. I serve as a member of an interdisciplinary
team at SKY Rehab that includes occupational therapists, speech therapists and physical
therapists so that we can provide a holistic approach to the patient’s care and rehabilitation. After completing the evaluations, I report
back to the team, as well as the physicians and nurses that treat the patient, so that everybody can be apprised of what cognitive deficits and challenges the individual might be experiencing. I’ve been at SKY for four years. One of the things that we’ve also helped to implement is bridging the gap from inpatient to outpatient care for individuals that have experienced
a brain injury. We helped to recruit an outpatient neuropsychologist
to the area, and I frequently refer patients to that doctor for follow up.

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