What inspires us: Physicians talk about why they chose Hershey – Penn State Hershey Medical Center

[ Music ]>>We’re an academic medical center and there’s
a lot of teaching going on so I apologize if you hear some stuff in the background.>>We’re a Level 1 Adult, Pediatric Trauma
Center with a College of Medicine and a Paternity Care Referral Center, and a Children’s Hospital.>>We’re the only Academic Medical Center
between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, so we really cover a tremendous geographic area. [ Music ]>>I was born and raised in Pakistan and I
did my general surgery at New York Medical College and subsequently I did my Vascular
Surgery Fellowship at George Vascular Center in Ohio.>>I came here from California, my medical
career started here as a medical student.>>I actually came from NYU in Manhattan to
Hershey Medical Center with my husband because it feels like a more warm and friendly area.>>I graduated medical school from the University
of Illorin Nigeria. I spent some time in the UK as a Pediatric Resident but ended up in
New York City for my Pediatric Residency Program. [ Music ]>>I was looking for a place where I can find
a balance between academics, research, teaching and clinical practice.>>The Department of Surgery at Penn State
is a represents an incredible group of people who have come together to really develop the
research, academic and clinical missions of the institution.>>I do like the idea of being in academics
because I like the idea of educating the next generation of medical professionals making
an impact on not just seeing 5000 patients a year but multiplying that on many other
providers you know that are practicing excellent medicine.>>As a female chair here at Penn State Hershey
Medical Center I feel really supported by my colleagues. In fact one of the things that
really helped me in my decision in whether or not to take the position here was the supportive
environment I have of the various other chairs and leaders here in the institution.>>I love to teach and when I teach I learn
as well.>>There’s a very good working relationship
between doctors, nurses and other health care providers.>>Emergency medicine is very much a team
sport. It’s very important to us that we build an effective team. People that work well together
for like my physician colleagues, our residents, the nurses we work with the other staff. We
got to function together as a body.>>Penn State Hershey Medical Center is a
great place to work. The community is excellent, the nursing staff, the physicians, they all
just make you feel at home.>>The ability to balance career and a family
and social life has been a really what’s inspired me to stay here.>>A few months ago my wife asked my kids,
she said you know your dad’s skill set is highly portable he can get a job anywhere.
Want to move somewhere, move to Hawaii, you want to go to Hawaii? And the kids said no,
we like living here, why would we want to move?>>We are recently married and it just seems
like the perfect place to be able to actually plant our roots and just start our lives here
as a family and for me as an academic physician here at Hershey Medical Center.>>The school system in this region is one
of the best in the state and we are really liking it, there’s a lot for the kids to do,
a lot for families to do around here. Not going anywhere anytime soon. [ Music ]>>I’m inspired by Penn State Hershey Medical
Center.>>What inspires me most about working here
at Hershey Medical Center is the respect that our patients have for our institution.>>I am truly inspired by Penn State Hershey
Medical Center. [ Music ]

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