100 thoughts on “What I Actually Eat In A Day | Doctor Mike

  1. 🤦‍♂️ eat twice a day , Eat two good meals a day , protein veggies fats and some Carbs! Sip on water throughout the day!

  2. Is it true that only Russian Jews are allowed to get the major doctors positions in NY and others are prevented from getting them especially if someone is of European Russian decent?

  3. If you're an attractive doctor you'll get millions of views on youtube. You're not very entertaining you just have a bunch of horny women in your comment section. Gosh you're so annoying.

  4. I always get big hungers,all 3 times a day , I get morning huge hunger, :-!:-!:-!, what about the taste to tongue doc?! I usually see plate full of rice at 12 pm ,of all the residents CRRI 😦😓

  5. Dr.Mike: Never mentioned drinking any sorts of water/drinks in his diet

    Me: Make a check list and put all the healthy meals and NO WATER.

  6. Hello sir I m from India….i m. Trying to lose weight but I can't…..i follow diet have warm water but still I feel hungry for chapati…i walk alot but my mind says I m hungry help me out plz

  7. i avoid ultra processed foods and takeaways, you can cook one time for 3 days and you can take a home-cooked meal anywhere with taper-were, even the queen of the UK (and the C.R.) uses them !

  8. How to eat spicy without getting hemorrhoids, use raw garlic ! but you do get a bad breath :p

  9. CAN pinworms cause anything other than irritation, like nutrient deficiencies? (if you ignore them for years)

  10. A healthy diet is good. But before everyone wants to switch to such a diet. It is necessary to remove toxins from the body. Here is one tool https://nplink.net/z8lbe5pi

  11. Can you please put a strobe warning in the description? Photosensitive epileptic here, would've liked a warning. Loved the rest of the video!

  12. Hello there,
    Dr. Mike please can you tell me how much protein does a human body need in a day. Cause there’s a lot of confusion regarding proetin intake these days. If you can clear my doubt that would be really helpful. Thanks

  13. He is a doctor, NOT a nutritionist. Doctors have no training on nutrition stuff in their medical training. This video can mislead hundreds and thousands of people with wrong information. If you want to be heathy, do not follow what this "doctor" but a trained professional nutritionist advice! This Doctor Mike seems to be more interested making money off of youtube videos and acting like an actor in his life unlike any other real doctors in the world. This is my impression after watching some of his videos.

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