What hospital pharmacists do

Medicine. Its come a long way. Back in the middle ages doctors would cover
you in leeches at the first sign of just about any illness. And the less said about mercury injections
the better. Fast forward 500 years and we’ve got
hospitals. Big shiny buildings full of doctors, nurses
and hospital pharmacists. Who? Hospital pharmacists that’s who. Hospitals simply couldn’t function without
highly trained and highly skilled hospital pharmacists. Try and imagine a hospital without medicine. Its like imagining a library without books. Or a restaurant without food. Hospital pharmacists produce personalised
medicines allowing for specific and individual treatment for every patient. They have face to face meetings with patients to ensure they understand all the important
aspects of the medication they are taking Hospital pharmacists are also involved with
cutting edge clinical trials treatments for rare diseases, emergency medicines cancer treatments, and many many other areas
of health in the hospital setting. In short, hospital pharmacists make sure the
hospital has the right medicines, for the right patients at the right time, and that these are administered
in the right way. They ensure that at all hours of the day and
night patients in the hospital wards have the medicines
they need. Working with doctors and nurses the hospital
pharmacist helps to make sure that patients get the right care and treatment.
But hospitals, and hospital pharmacies, like everything in the modern world, do not stand still. Change is a constant
and the profession in Europe is dedicated to ensuring it plays its full part in the continuous improvement
of treatment standards and the achievement of new levels of success in terms of patient
outcomes. And thats why the European Association of
Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) is calling a Summit Everyone who comes to the Summit will help
us to set out the future direction of the profession, how it can further serve the patient and enhance
collaboration with other health professionals. We want to highlight and learn from all the
good practice initiatives achieved in hospital pharmacies across Europe, so that during the Summit we
can create improvement tools and roadmaps that can turn aspirations of improvement into
reality and agree a set of competencies and roles for hospital pharmacists to achieve in every European
country. Everything a hospital pharmacist does has
the end goal of helping the patient and in the hospital context this always has,
and always will be, a team effort. With this in mind we’re inviting patients the public, nurses, doctors and other clinical
staff to come along and get involved.

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