What Happens When a MD is Treated With Ibogaine?

(slow melodic music) – [David] Hello, this is David Dardashti and this is my dear friend, Nicholas. – [Nicholas] Pleasure. – [David] A brilliant doctor. I think he’s going to save the world, and really teach the people
what you have you have seen, going through it yourself. Scientifically, medically, what you think of the whole thing? I’ll just leave it up to you. Go ahead. – Going through med school
and being trained in medicine, in American medicine, we
believe in something called evidence-based medicine. Unless we can prove it,
it doesn’t really exist, which is completely, completely, the inappropriate ability to
comprehend what Ibogaine is. I thought I had it all figured out. I could take this medication
to feel like that, and this one to reverse
the medication of that. And you know what? It was a complete, complete wrong idea. I’ve been to conventional
American treatment centers. I’ve been prescribed Adderall
by all-knowing psychiatrists. But in the end, where did they get me? They got me to a near-death experience. Since I’ve been here, I did
research Ibogaine a lot. I went over some scientific
current research proposals that are under way in the United States that are, maybe, light years
behind what David has seen, treated. His statistics are far more,
far more vast and experienced than even some of the
biggest PhD, MD doctors. I’m not just saying this
because I’m standing here next to him, it’s because he saved my life. – [David] I paid you didn’t I? (laughing) – [Nicholas] Yeah, an
infinite amount, actually. – [David] He happens to
be a very wealthy guy with a very wealthy family. (laughing) – Ibogaine, it’s something
that may possess, or actually absolutely
does possess a complete, complete ability to treat vast diseases. However, we don’t really
understand, completely everything, but anything that we do show in medicine, shows that it works. But despite medicine and science, there’s a completely, completely other and maybe even bigger aspect to it. And as I was saying, during medical school and during residency,
it’s competitiveness. Any and every advantage
that can be obtained, whether it be amphetamines, which are Adderall, whether lack of sleep, there’s nothing that
someone’s who’s got motivation to the point of obsession, that, anything in excess is no good. – You have to, a little
bit, explain to the parents many times due to their children. That pressure you have
to come with A’s and you have to be top of your class. That costs the kids. They don’t realize that. – In reality, what does that mean? It doesn’t really mean much, except maybe inducing a
drug issue with your kid. In addition to that, I was also in a very, very dark place in my life. I went to every doctor,
the best psychiatrists, the best therapists. What did they do? They put me on medication that made me feel absolutely worse. Do you what medication,
because I’m leaving now in the next 15 minutes, do you know what medication
I’m leaving on right now? Absolutely nothing. I’m sure that’s a big blow to big American pharmacy companies. And that’s another thing. Why is Ibogaine illegal in the US? It’s a simple, simple thing. Who’s the biggest lobbyist
in Washington, DC? The pharmaceutical companies. So why treat someone
once and cure them once, like in the case of Ibogaine, versus countless and countless suboxone and methadone clinics
and anti-depressants? Unfortunately, this is the
society that we live in. Even if we could help one person, it’s a successful job. My personal experience with Ibogaine, was I a little bit skeptical? Yes, I was skeptical, because
I thought I knew everything, because I had some type of a God complex. Every doctor does, to a certain degree. But Ibogaine, it’s not a medication, because everyone knows
that the best doctor is the human body. And what does Ibogaine do? It just reminds the human
body to start fixing itself. – It triggers every cell in the body, every vital organ, central nervous center. – And still, the bit of a doctor in me that wants to explain it,
it treats Hepatitis C. It is proven by Columbia,
an Ivy League university, to start reversing the
disease of Parkinson’s. That’s a neurodegenerative disease. That means it’s got unlimited potential in Alzheimer’s. Who knows? Maybe in autism. – We treated two people
for Alzheimer’s (mumbles) – Exactly. Go look for that data
in American medicine. You won’t find it. Why? Because it’s been silenced. – I have to say this, the drug companies in American have room. You need the pharmaceutical companies. There are things that need to be treated. For example, suboxone,
methadone, they have their place, taking people off the street but not for continuously
for the rest of their life. – For maintenance, is it
absolute decreased quality of life and it’s a slave
to just another substance. I’m not going to sit here and
knock suboxone completely, but only in five to six, seven days, not five years worth of suboxone. I guarantee you, or David
will give you your money back, that you feel better
after four to five days of Ibogaine than five days of suboxone and then cold-turkey quit. David’s money back to you
if that’s not the case. – That’s what you said. I agree. I don’t think, we never had one person, in over 2000 people we have treated, not one person left the place on withdrawal or craving. People have to understand, that it’s withdrawal, craving, and the third thing is your
evil inclination or temptations. That’s your free choice. That we cannot take away or
Ibogaine cannot take that away. – You might have to take that up with God, and I don’t think He’s
going to change His ways, because He blessed you enough. (laughing) (slow melodic music)

4 thoughts on “What Happens When a MD is Treated With Ibogaine?

  1. I really want to try ibogaine. But these vids have put me off. I'm going out of my way to ignore the warning signs, I'm still being hit in the face with " scam scam scam "

    Just be honest for God's sake. Ibogaine probably really does have beneficial properties RE drug addiction. But this bashing of maintenance drugs like subs is nonsense

  2. I pray to God, that God will help me one day an the very near future go to David clinic I believe with the Grace of God he probly is they only one can help me.God blessed you Mr. David🙏

  3. Benzodiazepine are no joke, I just want to be normal again with God Grace Amen. Thank you Mr.David for helping many an God Name Amen.

  4. Now how the f*** do addicts who have hit rock bottom, broke as a joke, come up with 15k to visit your place among others? Offer these people a payment plan at least. There’s a lot more people out there WITHOUT ACCESS TO 15k than there are who HAVE ACCESS. Just a thought. ..

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