What happens in sex therapy? | Ohio State Medical Center

My name is Claire Postl and I’m a licensed
professional clinical counselor and AASECT certified sex therapist. Talking about sex is taboo and often difficult
for people. At the first appointment, we will discuss
some of the patient’s presenting concerns as well as a history of the problem. It is really just an opportunity for us to
get to know one another and gain a comfort in talking about these difficult topics together. I will often provide patients with a treatment
plan based on their reported concerns and will discuss the needed commitment for therapy. Homework is something that I often give in
sex therapy. I ask people to commit to doing their homework
three to four times per week. Sometimes patients are expecting me to assign
sex for homework but that is rarely the focus of homework. Sex therapy can be for an individual or for
a couple. If a patient isn’t partnered, we’ll focus
our time in therapy on things that can be done individually. However, if a patient is partnered, it is
encouraged that their partner attend the appointment. Talking about sex is difficult but at Ohio
State we provide a safe place for patients and partners to share and work through their

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