What happens during a lower eyelid surgery?

(upbeat music) – When talking about
surgery of the lower lids, we’re often looking to address the puffiness of the lower lids that can make people
look tired or unrested. This is the result of fat of the lower eyelid pushing forward. To address this, an incision
is made inside the lower lid, removing only the excess fat, and allowing for essentially
no scar and excellent results. This procedure, called a
lower-lid blepharoplasty can sometimes be combined
with laser skin resurfacing to improve crepey lower eyelid skin and rejuvenate the collagen. After your procedure, you’ll
notice a more youthful or rested appearance. To schedule a blepharoplasty consultation at Mayo Clinic Health System please call the number on your screen or for more information, visit
mayoclinichealthsystem.org. (upbeat music)

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