What goes on behind the pharmacy window at David Grant Medical Center?

Welcome to the pharmacy at David Grant United States Air Force Medical Center. My name is A1C Elizabeth Wenner and I will be taking you behind the scenes of our pharmacy operations. But first I would like to go over some features in our lobby that we are excited to share with you. Once you arrive at the pharmacy to activate a prescription, you will need to get a ticket using our q flow queuing system kiosk. Once your ticket is printed please take a seat and wait for your number to be called. Your prescription will not be activated until your number is called and you come to our window for processing. If you don’t have time to wait you can use our prescription drop box option located along the wall to the right of our pharmacy windows. Follow the instructions listed on the Dropbox activation form and your prescription will be ready for pickup the next duty day. To ensure your medication is dispensed to as safely as possible it goes through for safety screenings. The first safety screening is at the pharmacy window. Once at the window we verify all your information is correct including your name date of birth the last four of the sponsors social security number and medications We then typed your written prescriptions into our record system or activate your provider order entry and ensure there are no drug interactions that may be harmful to you if any potential interactions or warnings are found our pharmacists will contact your doctor. The second step in safety screening is the medication filling process. We use barcode technology to ensure that the medication being dispensed matches your prescription. Some medications are counted through automated robots and others are counted by hand. Controlled medications are kept in a locked vault and are required to be counted twice once by the technician and once by the pharmacist to ensure you receive the correct quantity. The third step in the safety screening process is verification by the pharmacist. Pharmacists are responsible for reviewing your medication history prior to dispensing any medication. Also the pharmacist reviews your prescription to verify that the medication typed into the computer record is identical to what is written on the prescription Once confirmed the pharmacist will then verify that the medication in the bottle or on the label package is correct as The fourth and final step and the safety screening process all medications are placed in a bin and bar coded to your name so there is no mistakes in dispensing the medications to you. We place these bins in the will call holding machine where they are kept safe in secure for 7 duty days until you’re able to come pick them up. After 7 duty days, the medication is returned and will require reactivation. When picking up a medication please ensure that you have your ID ready as we cannot dispense a medication without proper identification. If picking up for a friend or family member, please have their ID or a copy available. Our team is committed to providing trusted care to all of our patients We take your safety seriously and strive to ensure that every medication order receives proper attention. This process does take time coordination and hard work from each member of our team. So from everyone here at the DGMC pharmacy we would like to thank you for your patience. Have a great day.

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