What Drives Us at OHSU

OHSU being the only academic medical center in Oregon acts as a resource for communities and other hospitals all around the state, for patients who come in with very, complex problems, or problems that require special procedures or technologies. But it at the same time has this amazing level of commitment to providing excellent clinical care to all of our
patients and really try and bridge our amazing research into that clinical care and that’s something you really can’t get anywhere else in the region. You have the option of choosing your own team out of many many specialists. While you work together it’s like a really well run, oiled machine. We’re finishing each other’s words almost so it’s like a
family. We get so many different perspectives that we’re able to take all these different perspectives and turn them into an idea. And that idea never would have been generated if it was just me. And that sort of excitement and that sort of development just feeds on itself. My hallway conversations with my colleagues are oftentimes about how we can help a particular person move forward. So even after that patient’s left the office we’re still thinking about how we can help them. Equity should always be a theme in our lives, and especially in healthcare. We’re here not to judge, we’re here to care for patients. And I think OHSU really exemplifies that. We say we’re going to care for everyone, and we’re going to give them good quality care. OHSU in general has a culture and an environment that is unique even amongst academic universities across the country. I think people’s dedication towards the outcome of the patient is not just exceptional, I think it’s what drives them on a daily basis.

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  1. It’s a blessing to be an OHSU patient. They are so caring. I had my Kidney Transplant in 2015, Thank you OHSU ♥️🌤🤗🙏🏻

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