What do we look for in a pharmacy applicant?

People studying pharmacy at the University of Sydney come from a range of different cultures and backgrounds. We’re really proud of the many different places they take their pharmacy degree to work in many different sectors. What we look for in a pharmacy student is someone primarily interested in working with people. Pharmacy is about effective communication it’s about taking scientific information and translating that for people it’s about working in teams so people who understand people are effective communicators have a passion for science inquiry and also working in teams are the type of people who make excellent pharmacists. They might also have an interest in business and the application of business in the healthcare sector. Those people who are interested in digital health and IT are finding very special and interesting roles in the future. A lot of people ask do I need to do chemistry? do I need to like chemistry? well many medicines are molecules and molecules rely on chemistry so knowing about those things is very important but actually most days a pharmacist isn’t doing chemistry as you would know it from school importantly though understanding those concepts and how they’re applied in the area of pharmacology that means how medicines work and then how you might explain that to people who are using those medicines becomes very very important so a pharmacist is a scientist but they’re also a clinician so if you have an interest in both science and working with people pharmacy could be for you.

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