What causes uterine fibroids? – Frankfort Regional Medical Center

Uterine fibroids are
a very common tumor in the uterus of women. And typically what
causes this is unknown. It tends to be very hereditary. So if you’ve had a
grandmother or a mother that has these fibroid
tumors, there’s a good chance that you
may have those as well. We also see them more in
African-American women, so they’re about
two to three times more likely to have
uterine fibroids, but they are
typically just benign, tough balls of muscle
within the uterus. And the uterus is the organ
that causes menstruation and that carries the pregnancy
when a woman is pregnant. There are a couple of different
types of uterine fibroids. There are some that
are very small, that are just attached to the
outside of the uterus that are almost hanging off the edge. Most of them tend to be
within the actual body, the wall of the uterus,
and they grow with it. And some of them are on the
inside of the uterine cavity, where you would be– where the pregnancy would occur,
they can actually occur there. Sometimes they actually
even prolapse and come down through the uterus and
cervix into the vagina, so you can see them
that way as well.

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