What Causes Seizures? – The Nebraska Medical Center

Seizures can come on at any age. Causative
factors are multi-factorial, it can be because of genetics, somebody in your family has seizures
and it gets passed on to you. It can be because of a head injury and we’re seeing more and
more of that particularly
with young people going to war and coming back with head injuries, motor vehicle accidents,
athletic-type concussion-related head injuries can all put a person at risk for epilepsy.
Meningitis, encephalitis, so on and so forth. Or just sporadic; somebody maybe has a little
bit of a mis-wiring in their brain that puts them more at risk for having seizures. And
of course, lesions, such as tumors.

7 thoughts on “What Causes Seizures? – The Nebraska Medical Center

  1. my brother have been seizures from last 11 years after he got meningitis. he is still taking medicine but still he got 2 small seizures a day. is there any posibility to take out from seizure by surgery???????

  2. The last date I remember that I had seizure was August 20, 2011. I wish I wasn't allergic to Lamictal cuz that's the only seizure medicine that let's it take one pill once a day.

    – Thaotam Tran

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