West Park Healthcare Centre Respiratory Rehabilitation Service

The respiratory rehabilitation
inpatient service has a provincial reach. We are able to support a number patients and their families
across the Province. It’s physician-led but run by a
multidisciplinary care team. It includes physicians physical therapists,
respiratory therapists and others. It’s a well-established clinical
program with teaching and clinical research
components. People with the respiratory issues,
mostly COPD, they’ve been struggling with their
breathing, not moving much, because of their condition, not
being able to do the things that they want to do in their home. And so they come here for the six-week program to get back on their feet. My COPD diagnosis came through the respirologist. His
suggestion was that West Park would be the rehabilitation place in Ontario that would give me the best advantage. They design your program to address your limitations when you come in
and to be at its best for you.
What’s unique about the respiratory rehab unit is that it is
a very structured program and is very focused on education. But
also it’s always done in a group setting and I
think that’s very unique and that gives the patient the sense that they’re not alone in the world struggling with this
condition and having that group setting really provides them a sense of comfort and friendship. And once they return to their
communities, we can support them through our outreach services. Knowing West Park is prepared to address
my needs at any time in the year after completing
the program is ideally a comfort and I can rely on that expertise.

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